160,000 Left Behind in Afghanistan?

From the Taliban?

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Did the “Taliban” stamp anyone’s passport on the way out?



How is what the Taliban doing with Afghan citizens any different than the US government not allowing US citizens out of this country without a passport?

The defense of the Taliban and their actions is amazing.

Well, I have other words for it, but let’s go with that for now.


We might even do counter “terrorism” operations with the “Taliban” against “ISIS”. :wink:


Hey they didn’t cut his head off afterwards. Maybe they’re making societal progress.

end sarcasm


Taliban known for their state department requiring extensive emigration documentation are they?


I don’t know. Trump trust them enough to negotiate the control of the country with then.

This is true taliban 2.0

Time is a flat circle.

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What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.


Truly disgusting is what it is.


Who is defending the Taliban?

I am laughing out loud right now.

I got words for what this post right here is that i’ll share now:

The ol neocon shtick is back!

If we hear some WMD theories soon too my card hits bingo

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Regarding the equipment that the Afghan army abandoned:

Do you think that pretending it has turned the Taliban into some very dangerous fighting force with super advanced technology would be a reasonable stand-in for WMD or on your bingo card?

Was there ever any doubt?

What if we gave the weapons to the Afghan Army knowing all along that when we left the weapons would end up in the hands of the Taliban and we could use that as an excuse later to go back? I know my “what if” is a straight up conspiracy but I keep hearing from anyone that was over there that it was obvious this would happen

I don’t think it’s that most people including most republicans wanted out of Afghanistan. It’s the way it was executed with full shame being ran out by goat herders, leaving people behind, and now a terrorist organization outfitted with billions of dollars of tax payer weaponry is the primary problem I see with it.

And it’s not just us conservatives pointing this out but pretty much the rest of the world including much of the EU who have not had to many good things to say about the rout.


The EU is pissed because they realize that the US is no longer going to do the heavy lifting and they’re going to have to finance their own military efforts. They aren’t just mad at Biden. Trump’s initial decision to leave is a part of their grievance.