160,000 Left Behind in Afghanistan?

Sure it is. You’re really dancing around this question for some reason.


Come on man! Look! Here’s the deal. Afghanistan is ungovernable - for anybody.

Besides the 13 deaths what else about the situation in Afghanistan do you think would be different today if Trump was still President?

Good thing we’re out of that quagmire

Too bad the US government didn’t know this in 2001.

Its not like there was modern era example of a superpower being humiliated there or anything

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It did.

I have no idea and neither does anybody else. It’s irrelevant.

We were never in it.

Nonsense. The bombers bear responsibility, as do the evil men who set the bombers on their course.

We were never in Afghanistan? Then why did we spend 2.2 trillion there?

You and I weren’t.

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Ah, now we’re getting the A team…

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I’m now hearing reports that plane load of Americans and Afghan Allies are being hold hostage in Mazar-i-Sharif airport in Northern Afghanistan…by the Taliban.

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Seems to be the case. What are we gonna do about it? Send in a drone after one of their planners? :rofl:

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It hasn’t yet been confirmed whether or not there were Americans on the plane. Also they aren’t being held hostage. They checked into a hotel waiting to see if they’ll be allowed to leave.

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