160,000 Left Behind in Afghanistan?

You didn’t let me finish.

How many others that are “stuck there” ignored warnings to leave…Yet you’re outraged over THOSE people left behind …correct?

You are confused. She wasn’t warned, she was told to board.

It doesn’t appear that he’s as upset that they got left behind as he is that we pulled out…now that Biden is in charge. Last last year he was praising the withdrawal and Trump’s decision to stop the endless wars.

He who?

He you. I was answering @Scratch but you are included in the link.

I obviously could be wrong but it seems like you are pissed we’re out of Afghanistan while last year you were saying our departure is overdue. And that the Taliban weren’t America’s enemy.

Even a month ago you were defending Trump/Pompeo negotiating with the Taliban. But now you’re saying we should have a presence there forever.

You’re wrong.

Im confused. You were just saying we needed to keep a force of around 2500 there indefinitely and used the 75 and 70 year occupations of Germany and Japan as examples to follow. Were you just gaslighting because being on offense is so much easier?

Not at all. If you feel there is a contradiction, check your premise.

So you do support the withdrawal from Afghanistan we started 18 months ago just not the way it was completed?


Trump was 11 months through a 14 month plan when he left office. How does he complete the withdrawal without the Taliban taking over

There are quite a few Americans still there. Should the US government help them get out if they want to leave?


What are you talking about?

Taking over what?


He doesn’t.

You seriously expect me to believe Americans left Americans in that hole? Come on man! That’s not who we are.

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So other than the 13 deaths the end result would be the same?

disclaimer: I am not trying to minmalize their loss. It is tragic and their blood is on Biden’s hands and Biden’s hands alone