What to do with the "savings" from A-stan

Taliban right now.

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Okay I see it. They outlasted and drove out 2 different superpowers. They rule in strategy even if they lose in number of casualties.

Do you think their goals remain regional now that they control the country

We should invest in 3d printed homes. They are about $10,000 right now and can be built in 24 hours. They are usually around 450 square feet. They aren’t fancy, but they would be a good place for people to get back on their feet.

Google it…the technology is really cool.

And do what with them? Put them where?

I see communities of them on public land. The footprint is very small. They could be used to help people get back on their feet.

Ya, the Taliban invaded the Capitol building and Pelosi ran out of Depends? And damn it, Sandy Cortez missed the whole event so she developed PTSD or some kind of mental issue.
So when do Americans get to find out all the dirty real stuff about Jan 6th?

Cool, like where? In the town square? The desert? National Parks?

How do you know they want to “get back on their feet”?

Don’t 3D printers only print in plastic?

The ChiComs would roll the Talis but they won’t, they don’t need to.

No, they also print concrete.

The where is for someone else to figure out. Sure, there are some that don’t want help, but there are many more that do.

They are 3d printing with all kinds of material. The houses are made of concrete.

Really!? Let me consult The Duck.

And they can be printed for 4k.

Put one in my back yard, I need a little more space for equipment. No interior walls please…

You are correct sir.

Best range I have seen is 7k to 10k. I think with investment we could get there though.

Now you have seen 4k.


Of course if the government does it, you have to add a few zeros.


You don’t get to spend the “savings”, it was going on the credit card.