What the hell is going on with rising Anti Semitic Attacks

Interesting and frightening point.


Thats a crock! The fault is the toxic hangover of the Obama Administration. Not only will BO go down in history as one of the worst Presidents in USA history, he will also be known for the greatest divider of the country.


LOL. Personally, I think it’s all soft white metro lib males and their millennial sickos who cause this and all the world’s problems, and I will rant about it incessantly.

But that’s just my take, based on years of internet experience.


I knew these kinds of attacks would only increase after America elected it’s first openly racist president, Barack Obama. He stroked racial tension with his beer summit. He divided the nation with his constant stream of lies. He lied about his marriage. His children aren’t even real. This is why Donald Trump was elected. America must be healed. Only God and Trump can help us now.


Interesting and frightening point.

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So, all 1,300 white nationalists are on those discussion boards? Yikes.

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Why do you think the trend will continue? The OP asks why there is a rise in antisemitism. I see people blaming white nationalism and others defending it in this thread, but I don’t see many answers to the OP’s question. Why do you think there has been a rise in antisemitism?

You forgot - it could be AOC. Or I think we decided that theory is “interesting.”

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So it looks like we’re blaming liberals, Obama, AOC, and millennials for the rise of anti-semitism.


Well I’m not seeing it in the discussion boards I read. The type of discussion board where you see that may answer the question of where this is coming from.


The world just need more Taylor Swift.

As regards white nationalism, Trump is not my boogeyman.

I was sharing the link to one of many articles pointing out that white nationalists like Trump, and were emboldened when he never actually criticized their movement publicly.

Why do you think the trend of “white nationalism” will continue?

The previously muted antisemitism among Democrats has been uncloaked and is emboldening anti-semite individuals and groups in society.

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Why has it been uncloaked in the past few years? What’s changed?

The open alliance between the Democrats and Islamist activists since Trump’s election.


For months, Robert D. Bowers had been spewing his anger in post after post on the web, calling immigrants “invaders,” distributing racist memes and asserting that Jews were the “enemy of white people.”

Then, on Saturday, moments before the police say he barged into a Pittsburgh synagogue with an assault rifle and three handguns, he tapped out a final message: “I can’t sit by and watch my people get slaughtered. Screw your optics, I’m going in.”

These people often tell you exactly who they are. Why don’t you believe them?

fun fact two day after this attack Trump was asked if Soro was funding the migrant caravans The very reason why robert bower killed those people he didn’t denounce it he said “a lot of people are saying he is”

I assume the reporter was looking for a good denouncing Antisemitic from the WH but he didn’t get that.

American Jews tend to favor Democrat candidates, with 71% of Jewish voters choosing Democrat candidates and only 25% choosing Republicans since 1968.


Why would Jewish people vote for people who practice antisemitism?


You think Robert Bowers murdered worshipers at a synagogue because Democrats encouraged him to? That’s your theory?

That is mental illness.

People in a synagogue were harming or threatening nobody as he imagined.

Do you think radical partisan divides help this?

They don’t.

We need a whole lot of CALM DOWN from everyone…the media would starve though reporting on rescued pets and philanthropy instead of the sensational and titillating.

HOW does one conclude the jew is the enemy of anyone?

Still makes no sense to me.

Islam I can get since the radical homicidal Jihadi is an offensive philosophical weapon of unity and fear.