What the hell is going on with rising Anti Semitic Attacks

You actually have no evidence that either white nationalists or black Israelites are responsible for these attacks or any rise in attacks do you?

Because there has been a rise in anti-semtic violence linked to White Nationalism across the global, there has always been a rise in Black-Nationalism.

do you want to talk about the rise of antisemitism or do you want to talk about this ONE event.

Did you read the OP at all?

It references this attack and the recent rise in attacks in NY.

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We aren’t discussing “around the globe”.

Where is your evidence for this “rise” what are the numbers by year?

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I’d like to discuss everything irrelevant to the incident.

Whether you like it or not, white nationalists are emboldened by Trump.

They dislike Jews

Why do blacks dislike Jews?

No there hasn’t.

Yes, all 1,300 of them.

how much have their numbers increased since Trump’s election?

They also very quickly lost their elation when they figured out Trump wasn’t secretly one of them.

And when the trend continues and Trump isn’t President anymore, who will be your boogeyman then?

He is not the root of all ills in the world.

What about this one case do you want to talk about, you obviously don’t want to talk about the larger issue that is the rise of antisemitism across the global.

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Again, the OP is about this case and the recent rise in such attacks in NY.

If you don’t want to discuss that why did you jump in at all?

Still waiting for you to show that there’s been any increase in numbers etc relating to these two groups.

So now that white nationalists and Donald have been eliminated as potential causes/sources of exacerbation, any other theories?

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Why was this thread moved? The political nature of Anti Semitic attacks makes it a political topic.

It could be the rise of AOC, Omar and Tlaib.


Excellent point.

The uncloaking of previously covert anti-semitism within the Democrat party is emboldening the more overtly antisemitic elements within US society.

You’re right and they aren’t even bashful about it anymore, those that are open and those that aren’t are doing a piss poor job of masking it today.

Here’s more about the Black Hebrew Israelites.

As with the Nation of Islam, they appear to be more of a black separatist group using religion as a smokescreen.

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OK. That was an exceptional response.

Nicely done.

On topic…I have NEVER comprehended the animus towards the Jewish faith. Their religious philosophy is entirely comparable with American values and peace.