Why was this thread moved?

Anti Antisemitism and Antisemitic Attacks are very much politically charged and related thus Politics certainly seems the appropriate forum.

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It is like shootings. Unless politician involved, or laws for or against it, they get moved to the appropriate catagory.

What political motivation has been linked to them? What politician is involved? How is it about a proposed law?

How about the fact that the thread was immediately dive bombed with claims it’s all about White Nationalism and spurred by Trump’s election.

Is that not political?

No it’s not.

Because The guy that did the hacking hasn’t given a reason.

Well and he’s black.

Hard to be a white nationalist when your black.

Under what circumstances are Antisemitic attacks not always seen as political?


It has to do with social politics, yes? Same as LGBTQ issues, same as religious issues (although those belong in the Religious category).

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Friendly suggestion…all posters should keep their thread view on “Latest”.

That way it doesn’t matter what forum a thread is in.


Every attack on a religious institution or participant is a hate crime.

What are the first rights protected by the `1st Amendment?

It’s being investigated as a hate crime, therefore there’s no arguing it isn’t political.

There hasn’t been a mass shooting or hate crime since the terms were coined that wasn’t a hot button political topic.