What the hell is going on with rising Anti Semitic Attacks

Man with a machete hacks up five people in a rabbi’s home celebrating Haunukka.

Apparently there has been a recent serious spike in Anti Semitic Attacks in NY.

In general conversations and reading various discussion boards there seems to be a pervasive and growing increase in hatred of Jews and attacks on them.

What the hell is wrong with these people?

the rise of white nationalist and other fanatic groups like black israelites

Jews are normally the first group targeted by fanaticism.

What “rise” in these groups?

There was a huge influx of white nationalist with the mainstream speaking tours of people like Richard Spencer, Faith Godly, Jason Kessler, milo yiannopoulos, Gavin McInnes generally we call these people the “Alt Right” but in reality they are white nationalist.

Its been growing for awhile but the election of Trump has really put a rocket on their back, not that Trump support any of this nonsense but he has become a rallying symbol for them.


Well, there we go. It’s Trump’s fault.

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The perp’s face was partially covered with a scarf but skin showed him to be an African American.

From the link.


I said the exact opposite of that.

You could have said many things without even bringing his name up, but we all know it just can’t be done.

did you finish the sentence where I mentioned the increase in groups like the black israelites

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Trump election just like Obama election plays a role in race relations in the country.

White nationalists had nothing to do with this. Yet here you are rambling in multiple posts about them. Get control of your emotions.


You’re assigning them blindly the label out of bias and not fact.

Can you show any actual increase in those groups?

The perp in this case is back so I doubt he’s a white nationalist.

I don’t see a connection between the two.

I also don’t see any such connection being shown in the other recent attacks in the area.

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the rise of white nationalist and other fanatic groups like black israelites

I believe you left out a bit…


The OP is about the rise in Anti Semitic Attacks, not about one event.


Yes, I did.

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Only for those who see everything through the prism of race.

Which of the recent attacks in New York were white nationalists?

You have evidence this guy was a Black Israelite?

None I was simply talking about groups that dislike Jews and have been historically violent toward them.
there also two groups that have seen an increase in member in the last decade you can throw in BLM into the coverstation they are very anti-Jewish with some of their chapters.

Or you could just stop.