What kind of person looks forward to going to a funeral?


Fellowship… even under difficult conditions can be spiritually uplifting. Most people view Bush’s passing as glorious event that leads to an eternal life. We dont live forever.

Those who dont understand this are the ones lacking self awareness.


FYI, I get what @AZslim is saying here. Not the best of words, but we are talking about Trump. When he acts like a 5th grader instead of a 1st grader, we see that as a positive step.


I love fried wontons.

I don’t think that Trump’s comment here is a big deal.


Could have been a Obama is a gay Muslim thread that we see on here from time to time…those really aw re just some trashy low brow threads.


I don’t remember any “obama is a gay muslim” threads.

Funny that you all can’t even stop making obama a victim out of someone else dying.

Snowflakes gonna melt.


Oh I do…really just trash threads.


Well he’s a petty, pathetic President.


I remember a time when we left the politics out of this and if you couldn’t say something nice in these type of threads, don;t say anything at all.

Granted this is not a thread specifically about the passing of GHW Bush. but if y’all want another bash Trump thread I’m sure you can create one without having to drag Bush through it in order to do it.

Rest in peace GHW and stay above the fray Trump this one time please. :pray:


Create one? Hell they can just go to one of thousand other threads they started to bash Trump. :wink:

I just think most of them are hyprocrits. Hannity show tonight pointed that out. The media was all over Bush at the time…and now they act like nothing happen and coming off like they’re best buds with Bush Sr.


Well, I was going to add that remark about there being a ton of threads to just add to, but I thought that was rather obvious. :sunglasses:


Who knew “looking forward” was such a powerful word duo with such insidious meaning when interpreted for us by the knowledgeable few.


Oh yes Jeb. After his mother said she didn’t want him running for POTUS, I knew he was running.

Trump turned Jeb into an irrelevant nobody.


What kind of person would twist what the POTUS said, just so they could find something…anything to squeal on about? The OP…that’s who. I hope they don’t serve ice cream there cuz if he has two scoops…OMG…and if he mentions Miss Piggy…OMG!


Yeah, I wish everyone could keep politics out of this But I guess that was too much to ask. President bush 41 did a wonderful thing in inviting the trumps. He showed us how it should be. And so far trump has not done anything notably offensive. I wish we could ride this through with the dignity and respect that president bush deserves.

He’s giving us a moment where we can come together for a few days. Let’s not ruin it for him.


Oh come on. Not now.


Because now they have the context of Trump as President, which universally lifts all other Presidents higher in stature. The world now has seen first hand what it like to have a terrible President who is an even worse person. Of course it makes them remember H.W. Bush more fondly.

As for hypocrites? :joy:


The problem with Trump is that he just doesn’t have the sense to know when he should quit.


Mafia guys always looked forward to going to funerals. With everybody gathered in one place they’ve said they could get more business done then at any other time.


He going to give a tour of Christmas decorations to people attending a funeral, that’s totally normal!


The elegance and precision of Bush’s death is remarkable!