What kind of person looks forward to going to a funeral?


I’m sure Trump will be a great comfort to the Bush family. They’ll all have a ball reliving the stories of Trump mocking George Sr. and Jr. and Jed… Oh the laughs they will have, eh guys?

You go on worshiping and defending the moron all you want.

I look forward to spending time with all of you when a loved one dies paying my respects.


I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and guess you’ve never been in that situation. It’s not fun. Nobody looks forward to a funeral. But a friend looks forward to being there for family and loved ones. It happens in the military. I feel honored to go to a military funeral and be there for someone who lost his or her life serving. Do I really want to be there in the same manner as, say, going to a Penguins game? Of course not. But I do look forward to being there to honor the life and memory of someone who paid the ultimate price.

Sorry you can’t comprehend that. I truly am.


i just hope that trump does not make an ass of himself like he usually does…


Been there more times than I or anyone would like, well except Trump and some of his worshipers apparently.

I have never had a conversation with any friends or family members when making plans to attend where I or anyone ever said they were looking forward to going.

Do this. Next time someone you know dies, put out that tweet or leave that note online with the funeral home and see what reaction you get.

Good luck and good night.


Westboro Baptist??

Seriously, dimocrats hit new depths of derangement and mental illness every day.


No sooner you think they can’t go lower…they go lower.


You need to edit that again and change “can” to “can’t”.


Because trump has so much skill at paying respects, comforting families and telling celebratory stories. I think the nation will be holding its collective breath hoping he doesn’t do/say something egregiously inappropriate, as he is wont to do.


“Hey, so can anyone here tell me what the hell that thousand points of light crap was all about? When I bring it up and ask at my rallies everybody just laughs, so what the heck was he babbling about?”


I tend to view this the same way. Good post. :+1:

Rest In Peace Mr. Bush. May we all be graced to live such a fulfilled life, surrounded by friends and family we love, and who love us in return.

You all know I’m the first in line to knock Trump. But this isn’t one of those times in my humble opinion.


You people? Who are all of these “you people” in this instance?

There is @AZslim who posted the OP. And I get what he was saying, as Trump is the most classless, clueless, empathy-lacking individual ever to hold the office.

And even though I disagree with slim here, I understand his OP in regards to Trump being a horrible, cruel, compassion-less individual.


He came off appropriately respectful to me - just watching him and Melania paying respect in the capital.

I hope the media can just let it be.

No politics now imo.


We are the thousand points of light. A diverse society.


If a friend of yours dies, would you tell people you look forward to going to the funeral to see your other friends and family?


Feeling honored and looking forward to it are different things and you know it. I was in the military and went to a funeral of a shipmate. I was even asked to speak at the funeral. I was honored but I sure as hell DID NOT look forward to it.


Here’s a mole hill.

Start shoveling.


Not the biggest deal in the world, just another example of what a sociopathic piece of garbage this man is.


What a pettty, pathetic thread,


Trump is not the most articulate of people so i can give him the benefit of the doubt here.


I think you meant wonton.