What kind of person looks forward to going to a funeral?

Our sociopath in the White House, that’s who. It’s quite clear he has absolutely no empathy or self awareness.


The President isn’t known for his command of the English language,… I am going to give this one a ‘meh’

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I agree. George H. W. Bush lived a long, good life. Hopefully this will be a celebration of that life as opposed to a mourning of his passing. We all die, but not all of us will live as full of a life as he.

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Agreed on the meh factor.

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You can look forward to spending time with someone, even in a time of mourning.

No foul on this one.

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I give fat donald a pass on this one.

I’m sure he’s “looking forward” to spending time with the Bushs. Probably figuring out how he can be the center of attention.

What kind of person reads, speaks, and types in English, but apparently has no idea what the words mean??

And what is wrong with you people?? It’s bad enough that you turn dimocrat funerals into partisan events but now you’re doing it with all funerals??

There’s something seriously wrong with some people. Glad to point it out.

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The man’s an idiot, but I’m fine with this. I’m actually pleasantly surprised to see he didn’t make it all about him.

He said he’s looking forward to spending time with the Bush family. What in the hell is wrong with that? I’m genuinely interested in knowing what you for objectionable about that.

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Ugh, find objectionable.

If you don’t know what is wrong with that tweet… You might be a Trump supporter.

I genuinely want to know what’s wrong with saying he wants to spend time with the family of someone who recently passed away.

Trump must be doing pretty good, if this is all you can come up with to bitch about today.

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Let it go.

This was just the latest “how-can-I-make-myself-unhinged-today” faux outrage.

There will be a new one tomorrow.


Look, people seem to be giving him a pass because he is such a donkey’s ass. But look at what you just wrote and look at what he wrote.

Someone that genuinely “wants” to spend time with a mourning family to help them with or share in their grieving doesn’t “look forward” to it.

Again, if you don’t know what is wrong with that tweet… You might be a Trump supporter.


I had a guy I play golf with pass away last year. I wasn’t looking forward to going to the funeral. But I was looking forward to being there to pay my respects and comfort his family and tell stories and celebrate his life.

If you can’t tell the difference between wanting to be at a funeral and wanting to honor and respect the deceased and his family, then I don’t know what I can possibly say to you.

lol - Trump 'splaining at it’s finest.

I don’t know what wrong with that Tweet and neither do you.

That tweet was not offensive…and was likely NOT written by the moron.

I think Trump is a disgusting and despicable traitorous creep, but saying he was looking forward to spending time with the Bush family sounded compassionate, which is proof he didn’t write it…plus the spelling and grammar is way above Trump’s aptitude.

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