What kind of person looks forward to going to a funeral?


I’m happy to say………………………DITTO!!


Surprised to see you say that about the President…something is seriously wrong with him. This picture isn’t much of anything but we have a treasure trove of idiocy on his twitter feed.


Can you provide evidence that he has been diagnosed as a sociopath?

Just curious…how did you get access to the president’s medical records?


Libs … the afterglow is waning in this unhinged-outrage thread. This was yesterday’s frenzy.

It’s a new day, so a new TDS-fest has started in the “Tariff Man” thread. No cover charge!!


Except for the OP, which lib did you see was outraged in this thread?


Old proverb: When you toss a stick into a pack of dogs, the one who yelps is the one you hit.

Thanks for yelping, man!


That was a yelp?

I thought it was me asking you to show your work.

Guess you can’t.


Frankly, I don’t even see the mole hill.


Ill give it a meh. Bigger fish to fry


You showed my work for me!

See, no matter what I reply to you, you’ll complain. And if I suggest that you are now outraged, you’ll split hairs about what “outraged” means. And we can go round and round for dozens of replies, and all the while you’ll just be reinforcing to me your level of unhinge-ment. And maybe you’ll even solicit the mob of libs to pile on, which, on this board is as easy as flipping a light switch.

What happened anyway? Did they delete today’s troll thread and you have nowhere else to go now?


You said this was a lib outrage thread for libs to be outraged. I asked which ones were outraged. You could not.

I’m sorry you failed and now need to project.


Hint: you’re one of them.

Thanks for yelping.


You got me!


Thanks for agreeing.


So you don’t think it is outrage to call someone a sociopath because they say they are looking forward to meeting the Bush family at GHW Bush’s funeral?
Ok. That’s one opinion.


Not sure what this is supposed to be a reply to.


This thread should be a sticky.
It’s a perfect example of the complete lack of a liberal message other than Hate Trump.


No, it shows a complete lack of any normal emotions from the sociopath in chief. He even denied it was a funeral today. He’s pretty excited today!


I bet the sociopath is all excited because he thinks this will be how people react to his death…

I doubt the scumbag will even lie in state. Joining Nixon as only two ex presidents not to do so.

But today is a celebration. WOOO HOOO!!!


A…man !
And what kind of a person dwells on a petty matter like this?
I don.t know what Trump meant by that and I figure there ARE things I don’t know in life so I keep my judgement of others to my self.