What has Made America a Great Country?


We could all learn from California’s example of trying Socialism, and see how
much failure and debt, and poor people live there, and homeless, and hungry people that they have there. lol.

You know, the state ran by Liberal Democrat Socialist Politicians?


What country is entirely socialist?


Look instead to Nordic countries.


So you’re saying some socialism is fine? Are you a democrat?


In other words, what you are saying is that the U.S. shares the same sins a s the rest of the world. Is killing an Indian for his land worse than killing a Scottsman for his? If so why? Was the Portuguese slave trade not as bad as the American one? Again, if so why?


I don’t understand why you have deferred to other countries. We are talking about America and “inventing freedom”.

Yeah, America does have a past that is not all roses and unicorns. I think its unfair that how some settlers treated the Native Americans is glossed over in an attempt to show that America invented freedom.

Is killing an Indian for his land the same as killing a Scottsman for his? Its all the same. Its not correct to say “Hey! I just killed these weird looking people who wear different clothes that were living here already and got upset that some stranger is wandering around their lands. We are free now!”


Should we feel more guilty than 90 percent of the other countries in the world who did the exact same thing? What about the Shawnees who committed some of the worst war crimes in the history of mankind? Having gasoline thrown on you and being lit on fire would be merciful compared to what they did. How would you like to be grilled like a brat, your skin peeling off layer by layer for hours. Begging to be killed?

Many of the tribes hated each other and were trying to wipe each other out for generations. Genocide. Again, what makes them so much better?


Who said anything about guilt? Why should there be guilt?

This is why conversation about our past is never truly discussed. Its always painted that we (Americans) were the good guys and everyone else was the bad guys. We had to kill those rascally Native Americans to ensure our freedoms.

Its okay to discuss the past to understand how the United States and America got where it is today.


We’re not perfect. And we have not always been right. But we are the best, most free, most fair, most compassionate, most self sacrificing country that the world has ever seen.


Never said anything to the contrary.

Just saying that when discussing history, we need to be accurate.


As long as we can accept the fact that now. Today. We are the greatest force for good the world has ever seen. :us:


What does that have to do with the Democrats need for slaves to pay for all that free stuff?

Freedom is not free by the way!


Sorry but taxes are not slavery.


Slavery by taxation, sure it it.


So you think paying for the post office, military, ect is slavery.


So you have to qualify slavery in order to make your point work. Great.

Slavery by Religion. There I can do it too.


What they want is financially unrealistic!


Taxes and Religion are the same to you, strange but ok.


Whoever said the benefits of freedom are free?

Quite the contrary, freedom comes at a high cost, including the freedoms I mentioned.

But to have a stable and just society they are mandatory.


What has made America (you mean the United States of America) a great country? First, the native population had to be decimated by disease, brought by Europeans. Then superior weaponry to beat them down. A fabulous constitution and world view. Progressive values. An abundance of natural resources–probably the key. Coastal access to both oceans. Large land area in mostly temperate climate–excellent soils (now mostly eroded away). Scientific knowledge, much of which imported from Europe. A commitment to great public education, until recently. Immigrants. A sense of individualism, but also community. I could go on. But why? Why do we have to beat our chests? I lived in Europe for many years. Didn’t really feel a difference from my life in the States.