What has Made America a Great Country?


Absorbed? We came to North America and killed them. Forced a lot of them into slavery.

Not true, The Greeks had established the same style of government long before the US was around. You don’t think that our Founding Fathers simply thought of this style of government out of thin air? A lot of governmental styles are based on other styles. Thomas Jefferson studied and read a lot of Greek literature. He was well versed in the Greek’s style of governing.


During the California gold rush people got so mad at foreigners coming in to dig for gold that they just murdered them and/or stole their children and sold them into slavery. American Indians were decimated. Their population in that area went from 120k to 30k in just a few years.


Where in the world did this happen?


Conservatives…claim to love America while hating almost everyone in it.


Yes, Southern Dems and Southern Republicans supported Jim Crow laws.

And it took Republicans and Democrats to promote the civil rights movement in the 60’s.

You should be aware that more Democrats voted for the CRA than Republicans.


In this country, they live on reservations. Doesn’t seem like much absorption occurred.


So you’re going to vote for a Democrat!


Didn’t you come immigrate here?


Nope, born and bred.


What about the future slaves of the Democratic Party, where are they going to get the slaves to pay for all the free stuff like healthcare for all, free college?


Sorry I thought you said you did.


That’s their choice to live on a reservation! They are American citizens they can integrate into society, go to college become whatever they want or work at any type of trade or or perform type art they want.

We have Indian Casino’s across the nation operating on Indian land and you don’t think the executives that sit on the board of directors ( or chiefs) of those lucrative businesses have not taken advantage of a western education!




You’re right and of all those other countries that are supposedly “better” took literally centuries to abolish slavery. :roll_eyes:

And it was the Southern States in the 1800’s that insisted on a bloody war, the abolitionists and the Northern States worked long and hard for 90 years to negotiate, appeal and pass laws to abolish slavery without violence but alas the Democrat South wouldn’t have it!


More RW talking points.


I’m sure there are a lot of folks in Nordic countries that would disagree with you.


There are people that would consider freedom from hunger, from homelessness, from illness, from lack of opportunity to be important freedoms.

There are countries in this world actually doing a better job at that the the U.S. We could learn a thing or two from them.


It took centuries for slavery to be eradicated in the New world also.


The Most Thought out and most intellectually Deep that the Democrats
can get in a response is up above. lol.


and Which one of those Countries is entirely based on Socialism?
Or even mainly?