What has Made America a Great Country?


Some sold the American people out for Globalization, traitors they are!


People come to America for the freedom thanks to our Bill of Rights.


You could say the same about the Spanish, French, Portuguese, and British slaves. But nobody ever does. For some odd reason, they get a pass. We absolutely invented freedom. If not us, then who? Which country did not have slaves long before we did? And many had them long after. We invented freedom. It took us a while to let it apply to everyone. Far too long. But America’s gift to the world is freedom.


And guess what, all of them ended slavery without war.


Not sure what your point is. I’m not sure how that lets them off the hook for being the countries who brought slavery to the Americas.


When was freedom invented? When the Constitution was ratified? Declaration of Independence was written? Emancipation Proclamation? Amendment #19 was ratified? Civil Rights Act of 1964? When Trump was nominated?


The point is that they are better than us because they didn’t have to fight about giving up slavery, they just did it.


It started with the creation of the constitution. But it took a long time for the “all men are created equal” part to take hold. After the civil war, it took another hundred years to see it fulfilled. The U.S. constitution is the greatest document ever written by man. If not for it. There would be no freedom in the world. Before it, there was only tyranny.


You think the Native Americans who lived here before “we” came here were living in tyranny?


Some were. The ones from the tribes who were dominated or killed by their enemies probably thought so.

Again. The native Americans do not offer some unique experience. It’s pretty common. The entire world has either gained it’s ground or lost it’s ground on the battlefield. Pretty much everyone.


Actually it was the ancient Greeks who “invented” freedom, but overall this whole argument is pretty silly as freedom isnt something to be invented.


Good retort. But the ancient Greeks didn’t really export it. Before the U.S. the vast majority of people in the world were known a subjects. We changed the world.


Actually they did. So many political philosophers were influenced by them, it hard to imagine a document like the DI or the constitution without the ancient Greeks.


Before the U.S. “subjects.” After the U.S. “citizens.” We’re incredible.


Let’s see……………Be the Country that leads other countries in Freedom,
and ending slavery and have a war, or take a chance that slavery will
last how many tens or hundreds of years and not have a war?

What do you think that most Democrats would vote for?
How about the Democratic Politicians in Washington?
To War or not to War? lol.

Considering that one of their biggest platforms is Equality supposedly, and
reparations for slavery, I think that most would say to have the war, and
to end slavery. lol. Just saying. I don’t even think the Dems in Washington
would agree with you on that one! lol.


I understand where you are coming from, and I get it. Patriotism.

However, I think that the term shouldn’t be the we “invented freedom”. We value it more greatly.

I just have a hard time using “invented freedom” because as the ink was drying on the Declaration, and while most were celebrating our new found freedom from British rule, we were also forcing slaves to plant crops, wash clothes, etc. and also going around either killing or capturing Native Americans.

Freedom is always fought and earned, but it has to be as a whole for a nation, not just some.


Socialism looks good on paper, but isn’t realistic. That’s why countries that
try to do it end up 3rd world countries, or fail at it horribly, and they end
up a lot worse overall, than better.


Hmmm? You’ll have to clarify on what actions and “black marks” your talking about regarding those two countries. And have you ever heard of the “death march” of WWII or the Cuban missile crisis"?

As far as slavery is concerned it’s been a blight on the history of mankind and in some countries it still exists. When America had slavery every other free country that we know of today had it as well so we were not alone,

America is one one of the youngest counties in the world and even though it took 90 long years to abolish slavery that is the shortest time period of any other country not to mention the bloody Civil War. American Abolitionists fought long and hard to end the travesty of slavery.

Jim Crow was a product of Southern Democrats and it took Republicans and the Civil Rights movement of the 60’s. to end that and now the South is fully integrated and have evolved into liberty and freedom conservatives.


They kind of were actually, there was a lot of warfare and slave trading between tribes. And throughout the world indigenous people have been absorbed into the established nations we know today!

There is a reason America is known as the “great experiment” because when we broke from King George III and established the Republic of the United States of America model of government it had never been done before anywhere in the world.


I’m gonna vote that American presidents trashing US companies and stealing stuff from them is what made the country great.

Or maybe evading taxes.

Or it could be adultery.