What has Made America a Great Country?


says the guy with a Communist type icon picture? lol. lmfao!!!


Venezuela is a mixed economy, much like many european countries. Not socialist.


So from 1940-2019 you’re saying that America hasn’t gotten extremely more Liberal, than Conservative?

And if you think it has gone extremely Liberal, do you think that there
would ever be a chance for it to ever get more Conservative again?
Or once we cross that line, is there no turning back?


I think this is a woefully shallow description of what has happened in the last 70 years.

I think you’re not interested in serious discussion on the matter, since much of what you present is an extreme caricature of people’s beliefs that are much more complex. And you either look for validation of your overly-simplistic worldview, or else heap scorn on those who don’t agree.

You asked what I think- this is what I think.

You can always prove me wrong.


Do you think that Venezuela’s economy is thriving also?


Most people know as common sense that over the past 70+ years
that America has become a lot more Liberal, and the problem with that is,
once it changes, and becomes Radically Socialist, it will never go back
to Conservatism again.

Please keep this in mind Americans!!! Because once you cross that line into Radical Socialist Liberalism, there is no turning back!




America, think about this; in most cases once our country keeps going further and further to the left and becomes more and more Liberal Democratic, how much of
a chance is there, that it will ever go back to Conservative Republican? Keep that in mind, because if the Democratic Politicians in Washington keep pushing us further and further to the left(which they keep doing), you won’t have to many options left, but to only chose Socialism and the Democrats way of life!!!


We’ll go back to when real men were forced by Obama to stop saying “Merry Christmas!”

Is that what you want, America? IS IT???


I think men that were born real men, but identify as women now, might
take offense to what you said black.

And to say that Obama forced anything at all is a mistake by a Democrat, because
they never want to admit that Obama, or the Democratic Politicians would ever
force anything in general right? Cause they would never do such a thing, because
they are so innocent. lol.


We are by far the greatest country in the world, the Bill of Rights makes it so!


I don’t know if Democrat Politicians know what the Bill of Rights are.

The ones that do, seem to want to rewrite them.


No politician has submitted a proposal to amend one of the first ten amendments. Stop making ■■■■ up.


Nope, sorry.


Did you say “Merry Christmas” during the Obama administration?


How about any of the other Amendments? lol.

How does one make **** up? What is ****?


Yep, sorry.

I know Democrats don’t want us to be the greatest country in the world,
but we’re anyways.

It’s like they’re ashamed of America, and what we stand for???
Weird. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Except we aren’t.


America thinks its the best country because we are filled with people who hated/disliked their home lands. “Free” has always been on shaky ground - slavery, civil war, women’s rights, segregation. We really took over economically during the industrial age and communications technologies. But the notion that Americans are happier people both now and historically is simply romanticization which probably came out of WW2. Some terrible things happened in other countries, which didnt happen here, and millions of Americans still died for it. Goes to show that we really are one globe in the end.


I’m going to quote altair, because I can’t say it any better than he already has.