What has Made America a Great Country?

What has made America different from other Country’s over years and years
of being around? Liberty, our Freedoms, our Individuality, and not Socialism?

This is a question for any American reading this. Do you wish to have a successful,
thriving America? Or do you think that we should get rid of our past, wipe
the slate clean, and Begin Socialism?

Do you believe in the Constitution of the United States of America?
Do you believe in the Bill of Rights?
Do you believe that the individual States in America should have Rights,
or that the Federal Government should have all of the Power?

With Socialism, these things are thrown out the window,
and being disregarded, and disrespected by the Democratic Politicians!

The Choice is yours, but please chose wisely, because once America
crosses that line, there is no turning back.

We are the most free, most just, most charitable, most fair mined, hardest working, most creative country the world has ever seen. It took us a long time to get to this point. But we are here. We literally invented freedom. Nearly everyone in the world recognizes this. We are not perfect, but we certainly are the best. Which is why hundreds of millions would come here if they could, but few want to leave.

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I agree! Why would any political Party(The Democrats), want to change that
though I wonder? Power, greed, money?

Why would anyone want to destroy their own country and the way of life
that works so well for not only themselves but for the people in it as well?

To get liberals to discuss the things that they love about America is about as easy as climbing Mt Everest barefooted. Good luck. We’ll see what happens.

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Owe, I was thinking that they’d simply deny that is what Socialism is
about, and deny what their Party really wants.

28 reads and I am the only one who has a reason to love America? You have finally done the impossible. Made the liberals clam up. Sad. I will reply again tomorrow to see if anyone wants to play.

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Hey, if I’ve done the impossible by clamming them up, then it was totally
worth it!

I’ll take whatever I gatta take, but this is Astronomical!!! lmao!!!


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Bill of Right gives us freedom that no other country has.

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It helps make America one of the Greatest country’s ever,
and yet the Democratic Politicians keep trying to change it,
and over throw it.

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I tell ya one thing! If they try taking my gas powered car away from me and
putting me in a ***** electric car, we ganna have major ******* problems!

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How are we so different?

One of my black friends from work is a stand up guy and super nice. But he like to post a lot about racial justice. He posted a video of himself and some friends at the range with their AR15’s. I replied, "isn’t it great to live in a country where you have the freedom to do this? In 90 percent of the world you would go to prison for this.

His reply: Yes it is.


Totally wrong.

Okay. So what do you think makes us the greatest country in the history of the world?

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If they want us to own electric cars, then they need to create one that people prefer to their gas powered cars. The consumer will buy what the consumer likes or can afford. It’s as simple as that.

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Yes we are a great country.

When it comes to freedom and protecting the rights of man I would place the United States, Great Britain, and the French Republic as the three greatest nations that have ever existed.

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Most Republicans and Conservatives on this site; Writing Paragraphs
of detailed answers.

Democrats Reply; nope, or wrong, without any explanation why.

I guess if I want a descent intellectual conversation on here most of the time
I’m simply going to have to talk with a Republican or a Conservative. That will say
more than a sentence or less on a regular basis.

Nice wording! So did you mean to say man, or did you mean mankind?

Because if you meant mankind then I would completely agree with you that the United States is one of the greatest nations that ever existed for protecting mankind’s freedoms.

Because by simply saying “man” you could easily turn around later and say something like; but that doesn’t include women, or trans people.

I wish that more Conservatives and Trump voters would post
in the Sara Carter Forums.

I think that the Dems don’t wish to post here as much,
so it could possibly be more for Conservatives on here.

Does the Democratic Politicians want to segregate White people?
They seem to act like we are a disease.

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We aren’t.