What has Made America a Great Country?


I spent 7 years in Germany. I think most of the uber-Patriots have limited experiences outside of the USA.


Yeah, agreed. That’s the way you learn about people . . . and the world.


America does a lot of things well, don’t get me wrong. We’re just not better at everything as some seem to suggest.


Well no. Slavery means different things to different people. To me religion means slavery.


Forcing people to fund your charities won’t happen!


Thank god for our Founding Fathers, we would be speaking Russian if it wasn’t for them and our Bill of Rights!


Obamacare was slavery by taxation, that’s why it was erased!


It’s already happening, at least to some degree, hadn’t you noticed?


If it wasn’t for the Founders we would all be speaking English today.




Gee. You make a very convincing argument.


i impress on my kids about how unique the US is historically, politically, with the bill of rights and a Constitution.

we recently took a trip to DC. they loved it. they loved seeing the first lady’s dresses, dinnerware over the years, presidents, not to mention the memorials, being a mere few feet from Washington’s bones (at mt vernon), and seeing the WH.

they saw the war memorials and now have a knowledge of and a new appreciation for the sacrifices we made for freedom. they appreciate our role in liberating occupied Europe.

they know and are learning more about what makes us special and great, and they keep learning, and are aware of the threats to the freedoms that loom


What a memorial trip for them


Reading a few of the old comments in this thread, it seems that some think that the US was the only place people wanted to immigrate to because it was the only place with freedom.

That simply isn’t true. People immigrated to South Africa, Australia, South America, Britain, Malaysia, and many other places. It really depended more on geography and politics than what place was the most “free.”


ignoring most of roman history there…


Roman history is exceptional. Except for the part where they kept slaves, invaded neighbors and forced people to fight to the death for entertainment. So there’s that.


And freer then if we spoke Chines or Russian.


I know, Let’s ask Venezuela how Socialism is working for them?


Venezuela is a basket case, everybody knows that.

How about the Nordic countries, Norway, Sweden, Finland? Are you opposed to the type of socialism they have? They have market economies and also have a very strong social support system.


I’d say that the founders of this country were great in the concept of freedom, even if they were imperfect in its application. Even if slavery was unfortunately allowed, the principles they established were those that eventually led to freedom. Martin Luther King would refer to those principles to help in his civil rights struggle. The right to freedom of press, religion, etc. has been great and has been foundational to its greatness. The right to achieve has helped many to make such great advances, Invention of the car, airplanes, etc, Thomas Edison, has been available here because of opportunity. Freedom of religion and thought unfortunately is under attack now.