What Do Each Of You Think About The Next Elections?


Dems really believe they are going to get good results come November. Not so, they’ve seen their best days & the Reps will kick their asses again…


I wonder what the impact will be of more veterns choosing to run as Democrats.



You do understand that the Democrats picked up House and Senate seats in 2016 right? That since Trump was elected that in special elections they’ve flipped one senator, one US Representative, and 20 state legislative seats? That in the 2017 November regular election they picked up a governorship and 15 more state legislative seats?


You do understand that duck will now just close his eyes and turn up the radio while he goes to his happy place.


Right now its a toss up in the house, and no way the DNC gets the senate!


Right now. I have it 231-204 for the dems and peolosi plus or minus 3.

a lot of incumbents just up and quit and that never bodes well for the controlling party.

I mean the speaker of the house quit. That is just ominous bellwether.

The funniest tweet from the President will be the day after the election after a massive electoral defeat and having to deal with Nancy to get anything done.

Wonder if he will congratulate Nancy like he did to Putin.



Right now for the senate. Yikes it is a tough call.

I will call it 50-50. and maybe collins making the Jumping Jim Jeffords leap to the good side.



Vets and women. the new house will see the first Muslim woman Rep, (Rashida Tlaib)

its just incredible all the good candidates the dems are fielding this year.



I think there’s virtually no chance Rs keep the house. It’s just a question of how badly they’ll lose, and whether the Senate makes it.

Trumpers are living in lala land, especially with Trumps new favorite “Red Wave” battle bleat. While Rs love Trump and Trumpism, what they don’t realize is that people are choosing to abandon the R label in droves. And instead of trying to run moderates, on the whole, the candidates are killing each other trying to become the Trumpiest. And that is poison to independents and Dems, and Dems will crawl through glass to vote against anything Trump has touched.

It’ll be on the Dems not to blow it though. And if there’s one thing Dems are good at, it’s blowing it. I don’t think even they could blow losing the house, but Senate? Yeah.


Lindsey Graham publicly disagrees with your assessment, and it appears many other veteran Republicans do in private as well.

Veteran party lawmakers have an increasingly bleak view of their prospects in the House, and some fear that Democrats could seize the chamber by a solid margin.

“There’s a real likelihood that they not only win the House, but they win it by 10 or 12 more seats than they need,” said Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, voicing publicly what many Republican officials have begun to acknowledge privately this summer.


Bleh. Would never vote for a corrupt politician like him. I’d have to vote third party, or write in my vote.


Hey Lindsey I had my prediction in first.



well there’s always a chance. Hell Trump won an election, there is always a chance.

I make the Dems a 1-5 Favorite and the reps a 5-1 longshot.



I thought this was an interesting read


I give the Republicans about a 30% chance of keeping the House.


@Chris what about the senate. I’d give the dems about the same (20% chance) of taking over the senate.



A 20% chance of Democrats taking the Senate sounds about right. While Democrats are likely going to pick up the two Senate seats from Arizona and Nevada, they are likely going to lose a couple of Senate seats.


ssshhhh dont rain on the CMI parade. the polls in this special election were totally accurate.

as most polls are.



I have them picking up Arizona, Nevada and Tennessee, and most likely losing Indiana. 50-50.