What Do Each Of You Think About The Next Elections?


No one has mentioned,that a lot of Reps are retiring too. They are retiring because they’re head of committees, but aren’t allowed to stay in charge any longer. It’s like a head of a large department being demoted & forced to go back down to the bottom. They just won’t do it.



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HUH? What does this mean?


Rush just said that over 100 Oh 12 Dem voters are listed as 116 years old. LOL!


It’s like the POW in a POW camp getting a letter from his wife. She said “Honey you won’t believe what someone left on our doorstep”. The POW said “I believe that!”


With that line, you’re not leaving yourself any room for house profit if the betting is evenly split.


Interesting statistical analysis from a handicapper. :thinking:


It’s difficult not to be optimistic. I’d have to throw out all of the polling first, as well as recent results. Easy enough to do for some, but I haven’t reached their level of enlightenment yet.



I look at it from a pragmatic and logical assessment. The hard data suggests voter registration for Republicans in serious decline. While significantly on the rise with Democrats. That means the GOP tent is shrinking, leaving behind a strong supportive base for Trump and Trump candidates, but in smaller numbers than what existed previously. Couple this downward trend within the GOP and upward trend for Democrats, with the enthusiasm gap shown across all of the special elections since the 2016 General Election, and it is hard to envision a scenario where the Democrats do not garner enough seats to reclaim at least the House. The question now becomes by what margin? Which ultimately will not matter, as it is simple majority rule there.


Wouldn’t it be ironic if the election of trump caused a viable third-party to rise from the ashes?


Ironic and amazing. I’ve always felt we needed a good and viable third and fourth party option to the current two-party system, which I feel is massively broken and does a general disservice to our political system.


Can you count how many jobs have been added compared to years in Obama’s second term. Thanks :+1:


Same here. I actually voted for Cruz in the 2016 primary. After he started pandering to Trump, I began to regret that vote. I now wish I had voted for one of the many other fine candidates in the Republican primary that year.

While I still agree with most of his positions policy - wise, I’d REALLY have to hold my nose to vote for him now that he has the Trump stain.


How does he know this, besides the flatulence that comes out his rear-end he claims is truth?


Sadly, I think that possibility is gone. If ever there was a year that a third party could become viable, it was 2016. Both major parties had candidates that were despised by a large percentage of the population. The timing was perfect for a 3rd party candidate to sweep in and upset the 2 major parties for the first time in my life. Yet, the voters sadly kept doing what has failed the nation for so long.


To be fair, that’s because the two third party candidates were an idiot, and a (possibly Russian) nut.


Too bad you carried over here that silly Ignore Ban you put on me over at the last Hannity.com website. If you hadn’t you could have addressed my first response to your little thread here and you would have seen that this Dem is not all optimistic about results come November.

What a shame you can’t handle a little discourse, from me, for some reason?

Perhaps if you could you would be better informed about what some Dems really think.



Perhaps in the long run it will be to move America away from the perpetual state of war, UNDECLARED WAR, that we are currently wallowing in.

It has reached a point, this alleged “war on terror”, what with the insane notion of “acceptable collateral damage” and the intentional proliferation of American arms being sold to “friendly” nations who use them to target civilians that we, AMERICA, is no better and no more on any more moral ground than say Iran who our pols keep wishing to tout as aiding and abetting terrorism.

What is it when we aid and abet over and over and over again the death of untold numbers of civilians; men, women, children aka “acceptable collateral damage” and the devastation of their homes, their shops, their cities and villages?

Perhaps PROGRESSIVE veterans who make it into Congress can bring a pry bar mentality to this so called war on terror instead of the hammers now employed.



But in retrospect it is sad that you are so SPOT ON about what Ducky will do.

Nothing else cures Ducky getting his butt handed to him like 3 more hours of Right Wing Talk Radio.


I do so wish it would be someone other than Pelosi in the Speaker spot if we take the House on the Left in this coming election. But I am torn as to whether or not Pelosi wouldn’t be the best choice if all of that happened when it comes to a “head to head” against Donny Trump?