What Do Each Of You Think About The Next Elections?


On the one hand, I’d like to see all the Republicans who have given aid and comfort to the Dems ousted. But on the other hand, a Dem controlled Congress is not in American’s best interest.

I have no predictions other than I’ve observed that those who try to destroy our president have received a backhand from the universe.


Anyone who watched the wonky election analyses in 2016 knows that we are not capable of making accurate predictions. But … it’s what we do… like scratching an itch.


I wouldn’t call Ohio-12 just yet… Balderson is leading by 1,754 but there are 8,400 absentee and provisional votes left to count…


I think the silent voters are still remaining silent.
The group that voted for Trump but said they didn’t or said they didn’t vote.
This group will come out again and vote for GOP.
Example I don’t see CT actually flipping but I suspect that it will be closer election.
good portion of the state is fed up with Chris Murphy so it is possible he will loose this year.


Right except they had 2012 down pat and in 2016 Trump won within the margin of error but yeah totally incapable of predicting what can happen.


I just read an article saying Cruz has directly asked Trump to come and stump for him. He clearly is concerned.


“Margin of error”

Seriously… it’s like a horse race. The closer they get to the finish line the more accurate the predictions get. That’s not even “prediction” in a scientific sense. It’s reporting.


They have been shamed into silence by libs. But in the voting booth, they will vote for who they want to.


Beto is my dude. He’s the only politician I’ve sent money to this year, and I don’t even live in Texas.


RCP was spot on in this one. Their final average was a tie.


It seems you are not the only one either, as he is far outpacing Cruz in fundraising. With 90 days to go, this has also got to be troublesome for ol’ Ted.


Well yeah by the end of the evening, the stat sites were just reporting. This is when Brett Baier was reading the NYT and other pages that were saying g that Trump has a 99 percent chance of winning and he was having an orgasm on national television. The actual margin of error were the polls leading some up to election date.


No prediction.
If 2016 is any indicator- take the consensus of this thread and assume the opposite will happen.


No Blue Wave.

If nothing blows up the economy or the country we Democrats will be hard pressed to change Congress, especially if the Party simply runs on “we aren’t Trump”.

If there aren’t decent Democratic candidates running nationwide then I shan’t be as disappointed if there is no Blue Wave.

I really don’t see Congress being any more functional or all that fruitful in good measure after this election.


Also, keep up with ■■■■ Morris’ predictions.
You can make a living betting that he’s wrong.


I’ve given to Beto, too. And I’ll give more. Giving to Sinema, too.

The only candidate in NY I’m giving to is Delgado, who is running in district next to mine to unseat Faso. I’ll be working to GOTV there, too.

My prediction is the D’s take the House and it won’t be close.

R’s might hang on to Senate but barely. Number of R &D will remain about the same as it is now.


it’s got to be emasculating as hell for ol’ lyin "worse than hilary " Ted Cruz to hold out the hat for Trump.


I’ll be voting for Beto if for nothing else I abhor the smalmy, two-faced Ted Cruz. The guy is the definition of a political snake in the grass.


When I heard him liken his political strategy to traveling in a punk band in a van in the 90’s hitting every tiny town in America that he could, I kinda fell in love. That really spoke to me as a guy who travels in a punk band in a van hitting every town in America that I can. He’s my dude.


I was watching a bit of the election results on CNN last night (yeah yeah), and the one this one of the correspondents (I forget his name) said what that during the OH-12 race, in the beginning, TV ads for Balderson were touting the tax cuts, and as time went on, those TV ads re-shifted their focus on O’Connor siding with Nancy Pelosi.

I think as these “tax cuts” are being outed as not being for the average American, Democrats are going to use that as a point of contention. Now, whether this tactic will work, no one knows.