What Do Each Of You Think About The Next Elections?


I’m sure all of us have a thought of what result the mid-term elections will have on our country & the government?

Give your thoughts, please.


I think the Dems will take the house. Won’t take the Senate. An already unproductive congress will become even more unproductive. Trump will blame the Dem house for all of his problems. His supporters will believe him.


Thanks! We’ll see soon.


Same here. But then throw in the Dems picking up a bunch of governorships and getting that to about an even level with Republicans, and a ■■■■ ton of state legislative seats to help even that out too. I’m curious as to which state houses will flip. Way too many states have Republicans in charge of both houses and the governor’s mansion.


There is a special election in Ohio’s 12th today.

It is a district that went 12 points for Romney and 12 points for Trump.

It is currently a tossup.

If the seat flips or is a squeaker for the GOP candidate… that does not bode well for the midterms.


I’ve been listening to Hannity for a couple of hours. He had a Rep. that has been involved in getting hundreds of e-mails that were made by numerous DOJ & FBI agents.

John Solomon has finally obtained more e-mails now that look very bad for the Orr’s, Sally Yates, Mueller & the Russian informant, that started the dossier in the first place.

I would love for all to watch Hannity tonite at 9et & see what I just heard, so we can get to the bottom of the e-mails mess. Hannity said these e-mails are more damaging than the FBI lovers’. Of course it involves them also. It will be fun.


Yes, I watched that race all morning. You are correct.


What should be a spectacular win for republicans, congressional republicans have made no progress working to move things along any faster that as many here have stated has muddied the waters. The flip side is democrats have no real message that sells their side so it makes these mid terms a toss up. Honestly should republicans lose their seats they have nobody but themselves to blame. I am hoping they will retain enough seats to remain in power.


Remember when McCain had voted to get rid of obamacare for years. Then when it came time for him, as the big number to get rid of it it, he voted with the Dems? RHINO’s suck


Trump cools the tariff talk in September.

Republicans pick up seats in both houses.


Trump ramps up tariffs talk all through September and October.

GOP loses the house and barely holds the Senate.


Trumpletons continue to sport “I’d rather be Russian” shirts and GOP gets spanked everywhere.


Pick up 2 in Senate…Lose 10 and retain House majority.

Interesting to note Bob Casey is running on Trump policy, while opposing him at every opportunity, including Kavanaugh vote.

Lou Barletta will be upset of November.


My guess is the House is gone, even some Rs in “safe” seats will be swept out.

As for the Senate, Rs might pick up ND and IN, but Ds will pick up at least two, maybe three seats elsewhere. So the best for Rs is 50 or 51 seats.

Several R governors will lose, and state legislatures will flip.

Much was made at the time about the fact Rs managed to flip about 1000 seats during the time Obama was in office. That of course was over 8 years. It’s quite possible Trump will break that record in one term.


I’ll go along with this. Should be interesting what happens in Ohio tonight. Anecdotally, I’ve seen a few “Beto for Senate” shirts here but nothing for Cruz. Lawn signs, I know.


If I lived in Texas I’d really have to hold my nose when voting for Cruz. His pandering and throwing away his principles to gain Trump’s favor has been sickening, especially the way Trump went after Cruz’s wife and then the insane accusation about Ted’s father being mixed up with Oswald.

He’s even pandering to the Infowars crowd by taking Alex’s side and wanting Trump to come and campaign for him.

Of course I agree with Cruz on most issues, which is why he’d get my vote, but I sure don’t like the guy personally.


I’d be shocked if Cruz loses, but he did piss off a lot of Trump supporters during the convention and a lot of independents with his actions since. While I’m sure he’ll win, it will probably be closer than it should be, given the state.


Of course I’ll be watching the Oh election tonite. However, I believe it will go well for the Reps.

I saw a woman in Oh on tv a while ago. She said “I’ll have to vote Dem, because Trump has embarrassed us”. I wanted to tell her this, Dems are socialists & Trump isn’t running, nutjob".


Yes I agree he will probably win, but could be a lot of conservatives feel like me and would have to hold their noses too.

I had so much respect when he ended his speech at the convention by saying “vote your conscience”, then weeks later he is phone banking for Trump. I realize these people get pressured from their party to back the nominee, but they surely could have left Cruz alone, especially with the very dirty way Trump attacked him.

Anyway, Greg Abbott remains well liked and will likely win easily, so Cruz will benefit from that. There aren’t a lot of people who split their votes any more.


There are about eight Senate races that are toss-ups this year. Here are the States of these eight Senate races.

West Virginia
North Dakota

I think that Republicans will pick up the Senate seats from North Dakota and Florida. Florida outside of Miami-Dade County has gotten more red (Republican) over the last several years. And GOP Governor Rick Scott is pretty popular among the Puerto Ricans within the Orlando area. North Dakota was won by Trump by as much as 36 percentage points, so I think that the Republicans will be able to pick up that Senate seat.

I think that Democrats will pick up the Senate seats from Arizona and Nevada. Nevada was won by Hillary Clinton in 2016. While Arizona was won by Trump, Trump won North Carolina, Georgia and Ohio by larger margins than he did Arizona here. And the Mexican American population has been increasing over the last several years in Arizona here.

I don’t have any predictions for the other four Senate races yet.