What Do Each Of You Think About The Next Elections?


Yes, but getting rid of Obamacare would have also meant getting rid of the Medicaid expansion under Obamacare. And Arizona here was one of the many states that expanded Medicaid under Obamacare.


Interesting diversity of opinions here.

I’ll predict the GOP loses Congressional seats in both houses. The amount will depend on how much Donald ■■■■■ himself on Twitter and elsewhere between now and November, and if any significant revelations from the ongoing investigations further sullies the GOP/Trump brand.


I don’t think Wisconsin Tammy Baldwin is safe.


I forgot about the Florida race. I think you could be right, as Rick Scott is well liked and Nelson not so much. If this was an ordinary election year, I’d say it was almost a slam dunk for Scott.

However, if there is a really strong anti Republican/Trump wave, he could be swept out with the others. Some times good candidates lose simply because they are running in a very bad environment for their party.

I’d gladly vote for Scott if I lived in Fllorida.


I’m afraid to give my thoughts. Thus far I’m batting 0 on my predictions. While I would like the GOP to retain the house, I’m afraid I will jinx it if I say they will retain.

So I’m going to try and maintain my 0% by predicting DEMs will take the house.


Many of the Republicans were willing to vote against it when they knew they were going to get vetoed. Now that there’s a chance they won’t, they’re not willing to fall on that sword.


After what happened in 2016 will just wait and see. Hardly anyone predicted Trump would win and that the republicans would keep the senate.


That was political theater for the voters. They knew Obama would veto it, so they could grandstand without worrying about repercussions of the bill passing.


This. I said it on the old board, and I’ll say it here. 60 in the senate and gains in the house. This will be the best case scenario for the cons and the libs. Cons will be able to govern however they wish, and libs will have the distinct possibility of watching us faceplant the whole damn thing.


Actually I’m batting a thousand on my predictions. The terrible problem the Dems have is that they never can believe that they are wrong. They allowed liberalism & socialism lately to guide their lives.

Dems listen to those in Hollywood & do anything they say, as if these people who make millions acting like they’re someone else, or sports heros, who fit in the same category.

Conservative patriots love this country & many have served, even died for it. Liberals who have been educated by communists hate the country & don’t even know why.


If you are actually batting 0% then you are the perfect predictor.

You can just reverse your opinion and win every time! :innocent:


I won’t go too far out on the limb, but I will say this generally.

My job takes me to cities and meetings with lots of PhD types. The overt hatred of Trump there is glaring.

My leisure and family visits take me out into fly-over country. Those people are out partying like it’s 1999 this summer. It is shocking the amount of vacationers, bikers, boaters, campers… that I see.

I drove through a couple of industrial parks that I knew as a kid, there are businesses in every little building, and about 1/4th of them had skill specific help wanted signs.

The Dimocrats gave us 8 lost years, now people are loving the return of that three letter word “J O B S”. And with all that the Dims are lurching left to Socialism???

I am truly hoping that it is morning in America, again.


Did you count any lawn signs? I hear those are reliable.



At least I can count to 4…


So no lawn signs. Ok.




Interesting, we shall see.


It’s going to be ugly for you.


Just let him do his weird superiority routine until he gets winded again.


Why are you guys celebrating jobs creation when it is worse under Trump in his first eighteen months versus Obama’s last eighteen months? It is interesting to see those on the right completely ignore the recovery that was accomplished under Obama.