What did Rep Omar and Tlaib do to get so much hate?

Miftah and blood libel. ■■■■ them jews!

Didn’t Tlaib turn down an authorization to visit her grandmother on humanitarian grounds because she wanted to play victim?


We’ll put you down for #2 then.

I think their actions regarding being sponsored by that group proves #2 quite well.

Yet you can find your way here, create an account and post an OP? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Allow me to help:

The Trump effort to use this to make support for Israel a partisan issue is a far greater threat to Isreal’s future than anything a couple of individual Congresspeople can do.

See the thread about non-Jews using Jews a political shields. A lot of good thinking there.

Why thank you, kind Sir.

However, I do believe it is the OP who could use assistance with google-fu? :wink:

So it doesn’t matter who they’re associating with? You’ll apply that to Trump as well?

As a Jew, I am much more concerned about Trump and Netanyahu isolating Israel, much more concerned about the White Supremacists who attacking synagogues, including what happened during the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville on the Sabbath.

We don’t need people who are using Jews to score political points to define our interests for us.

Cool. That’s how I feel about people who aren’t veterans talking about the military.

Yet I’m sure you have no problem talking about the military and veterans.

I won’t talk about Israel or Jews, and you won’t talk about the military and veterans. Deal?

We don’t need people who are using the military and veterans to score political points to define our interests for us.

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Well, then you certainly can understand the reason for Israel’s stance.

Read what I am writing more carefully. THere’s a huge distinction between talking about and talking for. Anyone can talk about the military or about veterans. The number of people who can speak for them are much more limited.

If you were actually at all concerned about anti-Semitism why didn’t you start a thread about where the white nationalist who was arrested today claiming he wanted to kill Jews got all of his hate.

Very selective concern about anti-Semitism is what I see.

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Please show me where I stayed I was speaking for the Jewish population. Thanks.

I’m more concerned about their associations with radical Islamic organizations.

Because Trump is trying to elevate their particular style of politics as the new scary mainstream democratic position.

So show me how Miftah is anti-Semitic. I’ll acknowledge they oppose Israel and Israeli policies… but it is a standard Trump supporter meme to assume that any criticism of Israel equates to anti-Semitism… a position that actually is anti-Semitic in its underlying insistence that the fundamental interests of American Jews are inextricably tied to Israeli policy.

I am certain you did not intend any of what you were writing to be anti-Semitic… but you need a much more nuanced understanding of the situation or else you are acting in a fashion that most American Jews believe is damaging to American Jewry.

The campaign against Omar and Tlaib is being to appeal American’s anger and concern about Islamic terrorism – justified positions of course – but there is a great deal of political manipulation going on here.

Meanwhile, anti-Semitic acts around the country are soaring – almost not of it attributable to Muslims – and the people pushing the Muslim narrative are ignoring that entirely.

We had a thread here today suggesting that the arrest of an anti-Semitic white nationalist could be attributed to the environmental movement!!!


Palestinian Jew hating is not selective; it’s special.

Any evidence to support this of is it just something you thought up?

And why is “special” in opposition to “selective”. Odd choice of a contrast.

Historically, Jews have been treated much better by Muslims than by Christians and we can see in the quiet rapprochement between Israel and the Sunni Gulf States a return to those historical antecedents, even as anti-Semitism rapidly increases in Europe and the United States.

80 years of terrorism.