What did Rep Omar and Tlaib do to get so much hate?

Why do they get so much hate, apparently Omar said something anti Semitic but i’m having a hard time finding the exact quotes.

Let your love balance out the hate.

Wut? Im serious anyone got a list of the grievances?

I am serious too. Love away the hate.

I don’t hate either one of them.

But I don’t have any use for them either.

Especially the brother ■■■■■■ .

There is zero proof she married her brother.

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I dont know enough about them to love or hate, trying to figure out more info from different sides/sources before I form an opinion.

They said some not so great things about Israel. Some of it harmless, but phrases like “It’s all about the Benjamin’s” is and old derogatory way of referring to Jews as in they control the money and everything.

neither has said anything worse then what people in Israel have said about their own government.

“In 2015, Mr. Trump told members of the Republican Jewish Coalition: “You’re not going to support me because I don’t want your money. You want to control your politicians, that’s fine.” He added with admiration that it was a roomful of “negotiators,” leading some to object afterward that he was engaging in Jewish stereotypes.“

I do agree that Omar needs to knock off the antisemitic tropes if she wants to say she’s just criticizing the Israeli government, but everything is just funnier when Trump supporters attack people for things he does.

It’s easy. If you hate Trump, the gals are angels.
If you support Trump, they are devils.
You can easily google your same sources that helped you form the conclusion that Trump is a bad man.

You’re not going to get me to defend Trumps rhetoric. There was a few things he said I thought people were jumping to conclusions on like the Baltimore rats. Other things he said when he told the congressman to go back to their own countries was completely uncalled for and unpresidential.

I don’t know if Omar or the other lady is anti-Semitic. I just know that area of the world is very anti-semetic, and they spend more than a little time talking about Israel. But to be fair maybe neither one of them are anti Semites.

I don’t need sources to hate trump, I just listen and watch his actions that was more than enough. I hate liars cheaters and hypocrites. Trump is a massive cheater liar and hypocrite. Do you agree with that? Trump lied about sleeping with the porn-stars, lied about paying them while attacking their character and has cheated numerous times on his pregnant wives.

On top of that I agreed with trump and accord to polls so did 80% of republicans that Obama spent too much on vacations and golfing. Trump constantly attacked Obama for his golfing and vacations calling him lazy ect and then once he gets in office he end up spending more on in 2 years than Obama did in 8 years on golfing and vacations. On top of that he spends a lot of the money at his own properties meaning his trump properties profit directly from tax payer money, that level of blatant hypocrisy is disgusting and the kind of person who can do something like that is scum. I can give more but that is enough for now.

What did I say that is untrue? You actually support that behavior and think it is ok?

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They don’t worship at the alter of Trump.

Like the NRA, AIPAC pays off politicians for their support. It’s what lobbyists do.

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They spoke hatefuly against OUR country and Jews.
“When you act stupid stupid things happen”.
quote Judge Judy.

They are young, attractive, powerful women. There’s a lot to hate.

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They are female, they are of color and they are scary to Trumpflakes because they are told to be… In other words… They are a followers of AM Radio fear…


Young attractive…???
Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha …
come down to Earth my friend.
Can you imagine the curse of waking up next to Omar every day and first thing you see is that ugly face???!!!
I wouldn’t wish that to my worst enemy.

It doesn’t matter. Some liar started the lie and now it will be forever repeated in the party of Christ.