Tlaib and Omar Antisemites, Media Accessories

Tlaib and Omar had planned on going to Israel on an antisemitic funded organization’s dime, but the Washington Post brushed it off as a pro-Palestinian group. The media has thus proven it can’t be trusted. Had this been GOP leadership in bed with white supremacists, the ■■■■ would have rightfully hit the fan by now.


Brown supremacists are superior to white supremacists.


They should be embarrassed for this, apologize and make sure that they do not associate with any group that pushes nonsense like this in the future.

A “demonstration”

Once again the rush for cheap attacks against Trump…and to embarrass him on world stage came back to bit em in the ass.

Do libs understand their actions had brought this attention to those two women? And libs defended there antisemitism?


I like that you didn’t follow your criticism with BUTWHATABOUTWHENAREPUBLICANWAS FUNDEDBYAHATEGROUP?!?!?!?!?


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Tlaib and Omar, two America-hating, anti-Semites.

Biden, a child preying, hair sniffing freak.

Bernie, socialist retard.

Warren, fake Indian white girl who knows what best for people of color.

Where do libs come up with this ■■■■ ? :thinking:


They purposely rejected a bipartisan delegation to saddle their horses to an antisemitic group, then the media whitewashes it. Looking into this group “was like pealing an onion of evil.” Yeah, an apology should do it.

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Your use of “the media” is no better.

It appears they should have researched more (only one even commented on “what”’they do), and as for the congresswomen, shame on them.

Libs opposed themselves by bringing attention to it.

Works every time. :rofl:

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If you can find another source, be my guest. NYTimes and WaPost whitewashes, the rest accept it as reality. National Review seems to be the only stone turners here. The rest have blasted Bibi and Trump for their rhetoric.

The thing is that they are not going to apologize because people don’t do that anymore.

They ■■■■■■ up.

I hope they own up to it, but I doubt that they will.

Omar is sooo misTweeted!

You’d think someone beat her to the point of having part of her lung removed. :rofl:

So you confirm it was not “the media”. I agree the Post should have been more thorough… or not try to whitewash them.

This does not excuse the President abusing his power to get a foreign power to bar members of Congress to enter their country.

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They could have simply done this on their own, no need to saddle oneself with a group that does have a spotty history. Granted, their funding is requisite on being anti-terror and for the most part they have some nasty rhetoric on their website (which was taken down) but they don’t advocate violence. I don’t like that they elevate suicide bombers to “Freedom Fighters” either.

The only part that puzzles me is that this same group brought 5 Dems over in 2016 and Bibi didn’t have a problem with it then, but does now. Seems kind of dicey.

But they should pick their sponsors more carefully, to be sure.

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I think they were very careful and deliberate in picking their sponsors.

Can anyone honestly say these two don’t know who/what Miftah are?

Oh well, I guess she never really wanted to go to Israel. lol

I’m so glad my grandma isn’t just some piece of ■■■■ political pawn here to further my career. :rofl:


Simple question…What is it that makes it necessary to kiss Israels ass? Anyone care to explain that? Why they are above any criticism, and why the Right defends them blindly… it has gotten ridiculous…I mean in general, not just the subject of this thread or these two Congress women…It’s the GOP’s 12th commandment after “Thou shall not speak ill of another Republican”…“Thou shall not speak ill of Israel and thou shall support everything Israel does”


Wasn’t the law just passed in 2017?