We Will Regret ever doing the Shutdown

No it isn’t. The flu doesn’t have the potential to kill millions of Americans in a season without preventive measures

To be fair its killed alot more then 9/11, that was one attack with a viable enemy. The war on terror has also cost us trillions. Were still fighting 9/11 over 15 years later

Isn’t it? The numbers pretty well match a flu season so far.

We haven’t taken preventative measures.

Is there a vaccine for COVID-19?

@JayJay posted an article by a woman with some expertise that supports the idea this shutdown was a mistake.

Is there one that works for flu?

Great point.

If there wasn’t a flu shot the flu would be much worse than this virus.

Solution was the wrong word on my part.

So that’s a no, for a COVID vaccine.

Thanks for playing.

Lol, for now and in a much shorter timespan.

Without being too pedantic it wouldn’t be the first woman president; it would be the first woman president of the USA.

By that logic, we can take the final tally for China Flu and subtract 23% at best and we’ll know. Of course we’ll have to assume everyone who got the flu shot lived, I’m ok with that.

Not that much shorter.
CDC is estimating between Oct 4- Apr 20, 24k-62k deaths to the flu.

Covid started later but will run later. Pretty much a wash.

What’s a china flu?

2.5 Million Americans die every year for a variety of reasons and covid19 will add thousands more just like influenza & pneumonia does but it will certainly not double the national death rate. Good grief! :roll_eyes:

The social distancing measures enacted by the state governors has been credited for potentially saving millions

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Can you show where a bad flu season has stressed our medical industry like this virus has?


You’re practically a communist then

It hasn’t prevented a single case. Delay and prevent are not synonyms.

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