We Will Regret ever doing the Shutdown

It was a major mistake & will lead to the Great Depression II, possibly not ending for a decade. Restarting will meet with stiff resistance due to fear & will end up being our undoing.

Economic destruction on such a scale will kill way more than the virus.

Time to end the shutdown, NOW.

Keep this up, live in a 3rd world country for a looooooong time…

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Thanks for your opinion?

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The left will have a great remedy for economic depression!

Lots of dead people?

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President AOC in 4 years…(if she’s old enough)

I mean, she’s a STRONG LEADER, has plenty gravitas!

Plus, she will come with the novelty of being the first woman president! (I mean, you gotta’ vote for novelty)

She couldn’t win a Democratic Primary let alone a Presidential Election.

Opinion duly noted and summarily dismissed.


If a 80 year old curmudgeon could come so close to the nomination in a desperate economic situation some people will fall for anything, throw in a novelty candidate : First woman president! Yup, they will do it…

Were masters at cleaning up the gops mess. Do it every administration. Then you guys take credit, ■■■■ it up again, rinse and repeat


Are you taking any precautions?

Sure you are…

Show me where I’m wrong

With America’s deep bench of “job creators” – whom the right is so insistent on coddling – why are you concerned about not having a rapid recovery?

Sure. FDR did such a great job of ending the depression. If WWII hadn’t come along, the depression would have gone on for years more…

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Exactly. He caused it to last a decade. Much of other countries recovered in 1-3 years. FDR put the Great in the depression.

To the OP…
I’ll follow you into the office…K?

You go in, disinfect everything. Set up a good safety plan, then mAke sure you have enough masks for people to wear, enough hand sanitizer, enough disinfectant/ wipes, enough band width to handle all the video meetings people will do.

You and Trump think it’s just as simple as saying go back to work. It is not.

To answer the OP, I think that the economic fallout of the Shutdown will be less than the economic fallout of the alternative, the Great Dying.

I’m not sure, are you advocating that China and Italy should not have done their quarantines?

What alternate steps do you think should have been taken?

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The only way he was close was because so many people were splitting the Democratic vote. Once everyone not named Sanders agreed on a single candidate it wasn’t even close. Progressive have a great influence on the party but they still only make up about 30 percent give or take a few points.

What do you think would have happened if we didn’t shut down and social distance?