We hit 22 trillion in debt..break out the balloons

No. Obama reduced the deficit. The treasury increased their cash reserves.

There is the end of year national debt for every year of the Obama administration. Bamma took over with 11.9 trillion in debt (2009 budget year started 10.1.08 and was the last bush fiscal year, 2017 budget year started 10.1.16 and was the last obama fiscal year).

When I try and determine how BAD the nation is off. i don’t look at budget deficits, I like to look at national debt. Becaus if you look at this, fbudget year 2016 the government SPENT 1.4 trillion more than it took in, even though the official budget deficit was mudh less.

No it didnt. The treasury increased cash reserves. Its like saving $50,000 in your savings account and taking a $50,000 loan. It doesn’t mean you spent more than you took in just because your debt increased by $50k. $50k debt is bad if you have $0 in savings. $50k debt is fine if you have $50k in savings. Debt is meaningful only relative to the ability to pay and the assets that back it.

No it isn’t, it’s due to the spending party they had in October.

Revenues are not down.

What the hell? The treasury pumped over a trillion dollars out in new bills with the bailouts and the endless quantitative easing.

The debt increased every year under Obama and the only thing that cut the deficit was the Sequester he fought so hard against.


Show it to be wrong if you can. This should be entertaining.


Fake News.

You should reread the thread a bit more slowly then come back with a relavant response.

Ya ok

I"m sorry facts have such an effect on you.

Start with 2009

Funny. It didn’t really start declining until Congress was in opposition to the president.

Odd. It’s almost like it’s a divided government, and not Obama, that is responsible for the lower deficits.

There was no need for the thread…you guys had that covered…now we have trump and you guys post zip…

What you think people didnt. Notice that change?

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Well, actually addicts in denial.

As interest rates continue to rise along with our debt, it won’t be long now before it can’t be serviced. I’m guessing around 26 trillion. This is getting scary folks.

Democrats suddenly discovered the “debt crisis” right after Trump took office after dismissing it for the eight years prior.

A 3% rise in interest rates would make the debt unserviceable tomorrow.

The only thing keeping the country afloat the last 25 years is low interest rates, sooner or later we’re going to have to pay.

Meh, the debt is big enough to take care of itself ~ Reagan

Weird, as soon as that Congress got a GOP president the deficit explodes. But i do see now. The GOP was actually responsible for the debt of Obama’s entire 2nd term, thanks for pointing that out.

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No they didnt. You guys are defending $trillion deficits at full employment. Democrats are defending $trillion deficits during a financial crisis where 800k jobs were being lost a month.