We hit 22 trillion in debt..break out the balloons

Or maybe a tea party is in order? Oh wait…thats so 2009…

Looks like we surpassed 22 trillion in debt and trump…which is awesome…that tax cut really disnt help things either…but hey…woo 700 bucks! And a smaller refund…

Oh and i bet he signs the bill keeping government open to just add to the awesome news day…

Tax cut is not the driver of the deficits. And look how many people have jobs now…

We all know the drivers of the deficits. When will Nancy debate solutions. Ryan had a plan and the senate rejected it. Instead they will only debate their hate of Trump.

Its always someone else fault, Republicans sound like recovering drug addicts


What are you gonna wear to the Tea Party?

I will be wearing this at the next tea party rally, as it should really cut back on the debt presidents keep racking up.

slap a go pro on it so you can film your attacker, like that BBC photographer.

How many times do I have to school you on this? In the last year, the increase in the deficit is most certainly due to the tax cuts. The spending was as estimated and revenues dropped over $200 billion.

We all know these deficits have been predicted long before Trumps tax cuts.

Yes. Some, if not many, tea partiers make their appearance when the complexion of the President approximates the color of the leaves in their Earl Grey.

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Is this “Broad Brushing?” lol…!

Perhaps you can give me examples of masses of tea party rallies when that condition wasn’t true.

But, I’ll edit it to salve the sensibility.

Nobody cares. Especially your lovely politicians. All they do is whine and complain about the national debt when the other party is in power. When they are in power, they run it up like drunken sailors.

Both parties suck fiscally. I have the integrity to admit it. Do you? Or will you simply defend your big spenders?

Im renting a tux…

Not at this level. The tax cuts increased the deficit significantly.

Woohoo!! Time to party!! Trump is breaking records all over the place!!

Where are the Tea Partiers with their signs? Have they all fainted from the stress? The silence from them is noted.

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Does anyonenknow how this compares to obama? That was a major talking point back in the day. .i have a feeling this isnt going look good for trump

He’s a big Trump supporter…Same thing.

Correct. I was heavily involved in the Tea Party when it was active in our area. I won’t have anything to do with Trump or Trumpism.