We are losing the war on Christmas


Who isn’t?




I enjoy my own company.

Don’t want to read “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

And have no desire to see any music censored, no matter how little I enjoy it (Carpenters Christmas songs readily come to mind).


I would think ditching this song from Christmas radio playlists would bring both sides of the aisle together. It’s not Christmas-y. There are horrible versions of it (hello Dolly Parton and Rod Stewart). Every time this song is played on the radio, is a lost chance to hear a prey, beautiful,bor festive Christmas song.

I like listening to Christmas music on my local Christian radio station, I never have to hear that song.


I’ve never read it either.

Radio stations eliminating one song is not censorship. There are thousands of Christmas songs to play. Opting for something else is fine.


Sounds like a popular espionage novel: The Candy Cane Conspiracy.:unamused:


Never mind the fact that it was shape that way so you can hang em on the tree. :wink:


I don’t have to go there to see my parents who gave birth to me.


being Christian had nothing to do with the creation of America, or the building of it, one of the very thing the founders wanted to get away from what State Sponsored Religion.


The founding fathers hated the idea of a “Christian” state, its one of the reason why they started a war.


America is not a Christian nation. It was a nation founded by Christians there is a very clear difference in the two.
Religion has nothing to do with the success of America as a Nation because America is not a religious country it doesn’t have a national sponsored Church. Its one of the thing America fought England over the idea that Religion should be institutionalized by the State.


From the story it looks like she sucks. She tried to do something stupid and got slapped down.

The system works.

This story exists to fuel outrage.


We may lose the war on Christmas, but there is no cause for concern. Donald Trump is the president, and he knows how to win the war using his own experience. The first step in any war is to understand your enemy. In the Christmas War, the enemy is obvious. Their motives are easy: they hate freedom.

The only action plan you can take with such an enemy is complete destruction. We have to get them to get us. This is the only way. The Christmas war is too important to be lost.


…because with Christianity, it doesn’t have to be forced. It’s internal, not external and why the founding fathers were almost all Christian.


You can attempt to rewrite history but it was taxation without representation that was the final straw.


Posted again for truth…

…and made up mostly of Christians. This may one day change and as it does, so will The Light that shines from our nation, leading and guiding those who desire the American Dream.


And you support a lying, cheating adulterer who uses his own son to negotiate with his mistresses (while paying off other women he cheated on his wife with).

It appears to me that people like yourself aren’t helping christianity at all.


vs the wife of a man who shoved cigars up the sexual organs of his interns, allegedly raped other women while his wife did her best to discredit the victims and then pretend years later like she’s the “me too” queen. Yeah…plan C was better in your eyes. When both choices are far from being who you’d select, you go with the lessor of the evils. I did and…I was right. Where as you…and many other libs around the nation, continue to be very childish, poor political losers.


the wife of

maybe check your Christianity again.


Actually it is. Burning one book is still book burning.


Who enabled him for years and attacked his accusers.