We are losing the war on Christmas


What is the last girl line in the song?


Just like Liberalians today.


That is your choice. Again she wasn’t wrong, Santa Claus isn’t real. Ironically enough school is a place where you are supposed to go to learn.


She is wrong and so are you. Neither one of you have ever been to the North Pole. She’s a hag.


Coming from the party who wants to tell their children sex is a social construct and there are 99 genders.


You mean after she was drugged and relentlessly pursued?


The true north pole or the magnetic north pole?

Shes an educator, she educated. Next you’ll be telling me Jesus was born immaculately to an unmarried virgin, money actually does grow on trees, and if you say Bloody Mary into a mirror she will appear.

Got bad news for Johnny 5 year old. His mind will be blown and he might lose all will to live when he finds out the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny also … not real.


Did that make sense to you when you posted it?




When I was at this job the woman would turn on the local channel and it would play 15 times a day…this was November…she was a bitch…


I like the song, but only when Dean Martin sings since it sounds like it was meant for him. Barry Manilow also sings it. Just doesn’t work.


So punish them all for sins of their fathers.

Hey… let’s get those Democrats whose fathers lynched black men.


She wasn’t drugged or pursued.


She’s hag and a bully.


Absolutely she was.


She is a bully picking on a 5 year-old kid to impose her own beliefs. She should be banned from all contact with children.


I think we’re talking about two different things here…


I’m talking about a bully telling a 5 year-old there’s no Santa. A bully that is not the child’s parent.


How can one be a bully by saying something truthful?


Really? So what about a stupid song? Like it’s really going to ruin all the holiday festivities, like shopping, going to church, decorating, sending christmas cards, eating, and drinking?

If you’re going to blame ANYONE or ANYTHING for the war on Christmas, lash out at retailers. They force their employees to work Thanksgiving and then, put up with the worse band of demanding customers.

Happy Holidays.