We are losing the war on Christmas


“Predator vs Prey!!!”


Of course she was.


How many times has the fat old man climbed down your chimney, left you gifts, and ate the cookies and milk you left out for him?


Baby, it’s cold outside.


When I was 5, every year.


Why is this a war on Christmas? Its more like a war on one sucky song…and will probably result in more people listening to it than have done in decades.


Speaking of Christmas, anyone notice how today’s GOP is like the nativity scene? If you remove the Jews and foreigners you’re left with an ass and a few meek sheep.



And no, automatic note checker…that is not a complete sentence.


Good one, good one. I’m going to give it a 3. “Meek sheep” is a crossover reference to libs and Democratics.


Just because you thought he was real doesn’t mean he is, which he isn’t. At best you could say the idea of Santa is real. Why we feel the need to lie to our children generation after generation should be questioned.

In point of fact, it could even be argued that Santa is idolatry. Very antithetical to Christmas itself.


Baaaaaas, says you.


I agree. There’s nothing Christmas-y about it, and anytime a radio station plays this song, is a lost opportunity to play a beautiful Christmas song.


When will this happen?


About the same time the indomenius Rex walks the earth again.


Ask the writers of the song. They played it exactly that way


No one ever would have predicted something similar would happen in a civilized country in the 20th century. And yet, those who demand change will stop at nothing to rid themselves of people they perceive as evil. They always punch down. Must hate.

And in the case that is relevant in the US, Christians are easy targets. They are taught to rely on faith and turn the other cheek. One cannot put a date on it. But waiting till it happens is waiting too long.


Oh, I see. This is just something you imagine will happen. It never will of course but it’s good to keep the old imagination alive I guess.


What a sad, miserable existence. I don’t go around telling little 5 year-old children of liberals Utopia is a myth or a male is a female.


Everyone knows.


Because christians went around the world forcing their religion on others?