We are losing the war on Christmas


All of those people felt themselves to be just as Christian as you are.


Use Christ as your example and you’ll better hone in on what Christianity truly means.


When you leave love out of your actions, you are no longer Christ-like.


Unfortunately…hypocrites are common.


That is why there is only one Christian denomination and interpretation of the text.


Christ unites what man divides and I don’t like all of this division either my friend.

I’ve got to run now and go stimulate the American economy. Have a super, duper, double scooper day.


You too.



You know full well the commerce clause is the most abused for the will to power. You know full well who has done it.

And you know the SCOTUS has aided and abetted.

I’m not going to try to teach you anymore, you refuse to learn. I am relegated to pointing out hypocrisy.


Man is why, not The Son of God.


That doesn’t tell me what the clear lines that you are talking about are. If the lines are crystal clear, then it should be very easy to show where they are. And I was just going for the lowest of hanging fruit in the ambiguity that exists in many parts of the Constitution.

You try to teach me? Dude:… you backed yourself into an indefensible position. Don’t lash out because you don’t have a good answer.


And the point?


The lines are clear.

To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Native American Tribes.


Man divides, as my brother in Christ said.


What does “regulate commerce” actually mean?


Before or after Wickard?


Not raping and stealing children. Yes, they shot them. I am version 2.0


Interesting choice.

Why would you cite that?


A “one wayism” culture will never result in peace, love, and fair play for all. It will ALWAYS be corrupted…its very nature makes it susceptible to corruption.


Because I know history.


Don’t listen. Read.