We are losing the war on Christmas


Irrelevant to the point I made.


The Bible.



What about the history of the decision makes it different?


I’m not in a teaching mood today. Already finished with your corporate job that’s going to better my life?


The job is not meant to benefit your life. It was to provide the bare minimum legal requirement of a corporation

Why do you think that you are teaching?


Because you are asking me to.


Well, that was boring.


Irrelevant to the point I made.

Try again.


The War on Christmas just isn’t anywhere as near as much fun without General Bill O’Reilly leading the Santa and Baby Jesus troops from the Fox News No Spin Deck.



Funny conservatives are defending a song that a.) has nothing to do with Christ and b.) was all about pushing against normative sexual boundaries, sort of a precursor to the sexual revolution.


Doesn’t change what I said.


About as silly when they said that leaving a snowflake off a red cup at Starbucks was a salvo in the War on Christmas.


All these faux outrages are like they have to have busywork to occupy their time.


Only if he burns it.


Better hide it from the Chinese then :slight_smile:


So yes you have participated.


I hate Christmas because it turned Hanukkah from a very minor holiday into a big deal. I’m just glad it’s over already.


I remember when we used to tell people to move out if you don’t like America or our culture


I remember only idiots doing that.


This has never been a Christian country… right? Remember the narrative? Never has been a Christian country. Do you disagree?