We are losing the war on Christmas


so the American dream can only be achieved by being Christian?


No…you are choosing to not understand.


do you understand what the issue the founders had with European Christianity?


Christians in their quest to learn to Love The Lord with all of their heart, help create an environment of love, family values and fair play for all around them.


I don’t see love and family values when I listen to Pat Roberts.


If the founders wanted to create a Christian state, why didn’t they? You know that at the time most England was a religious Christian states with government appointed religious leaders…

Why didn’t they copy that aspect of European society?


Of late you’ve participated in threads about toxic masculinity and sexuality and cults more than any other topic. It’s obvious these topics are of utmost concern to you, or at least intense interest. Do you feel these are the means by which the left emasculates everything good about America?


That’s not an answer to Judo’s question.


Among others. What else you got Not Trump?


Do you feel those issues in particular are emasculating American males?


The reaction to it is.



After the systematic destruction of the native people and culture of the land that they were taking over.

Just like Jesus would have wanted.


…cuz you’re led by Christ, not kicked from behind. It’s voluntary, not forced…otherwise it isn’t Christianity.


Maybe you need to make amends for the sins of the past?


Maybe this country would be a better place if we didn’t ignore our history and try to minimize the price that people paid in order to have a cozy myth.


History is just that…it’s history. Today is today and if you don’t like something from the past, don’t repeat it today. Give your best efforts and attempt to be profitable for all. You can go live in the past but I don’t have time. My time here is finite.


You can give your house back to the Indians if you want. Here we fought about a 70 year war and they lost. To the victors belong the spoils.


One doesn’t learn from history by looking at it with rose colored glasses.


When I see dog feces on the ground, I don’t have to roll in it to know what it is.