We are losing the war on Christmas


I actually love this post. “My dependents”. Why didn’t you do it yourself?


Ahhhh the I am rubber you are glue argument.

Very effective.


Not at all. Just following your lead. How many times have you posted it now? Has your little cheerleader hearted them all?


I did not realize I declared any wars. Got any primary source citations showing my vote or support of these wars you speak of? Seems like more virtue signaling on your part.

How many years of centgov wealth redistribution have you partaken in so far?


Yes. I post it when you launch into personal attacks filled with gobbledygook.

You are not making an argument. You are screaming at clouds.

When you are actually making a point… something that has become rarer with each passing week… you tend to make good ones even if I do disagree with them. When you are lashing out for reasons that I can only guess about then I will lament the devolution of a poster who once had many interesting things to say.


Why didn’t you do it yourself instead of paying me to do it for you?

None of your business.


You’ve got some nerve. We’re done.




Good one. Well done.


It’s not a song about rape.


Choose what you want to believe.


I can’t sing, but I can read.


It’s a song about society judging her.


There can be no competition for The State.


Apparently Barry Manilow also has performed the song in the past. I don’t remember anyone fussing about Barry performing it.

But they’re all over the place about long deceased Dean Martin crooning it. What’s up with that?


I don’t recall if anyone posted Dino’s version, but here it is. Still the best.


And here’s another great version … Ray Charles and Betty Carter.



Virtue signaling


That song shows the proper way to do it, be nice… but don’t let her go. Get her scared it might turn violent and then when she give in out of fright, BINGO!! SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!!!

“Hey! She wanted too!”


I never said they were not Christian, again you don’t seem to understand the difference between a religious state and a nation made up of religious people.