We are losing the war on Christmas


You didn’t fight Indians for your land.

Someone else did that.


History isn’t dog feces.

It is the story of those who came before us. The good and the bad.

Ignore it and the march of folly will continue until the end of time.


Yes, my society did. Not yours. And I stand ready now if they decide they want to go back to stealing children and raping women again.


Your society. Funny.

Yes… you stand ready just in case those pesky natives decide to attack.

Be sure to man those walls.


Let’s tear down some statues. Starting with this one:


If the people who live there want to take it down.

Then let them.

Sounds like a local issue to me.


No, it is a statue of a woman killer and a baby thief. It has to come down. Are you with me?


What I said before stands.

That statue has no bearing on my life.


At least this was an honest post about how it went down.


It is a tribute to a savage who raped, murdered and burned. And got rich exploiting the system.

Can we at least pull it half down? I’m ok with the white half.


All my posts are honest.


He’s not living in the past.

He’s dispelling the myth you believe that Christian culture fosters an environment of peace, love, and fair play for all.


Nothing you say will change my former statement.

If that statue is where you live, then convince enough people to take it down.

It has no bearing on my life.


The culture of rape doesn’t have a bearing on all our lives?


Here in NYC the statue of J. Marion Sims who did medical experiments on women slaves was taken out of Central Park in its place of honor and moved to where he is buried.

We have no problem removing statues from places of honor here.

And we are apparently a garbage society.


Definitely a garbage society.


And you didn’t answer the question.


Yeah… but we get ■■■■ done instead of complaining about fecklessly to strangers on the internet.


I answered the question many posts ago.

It is a local issue.

If the locality wants to celebrate a rapist then that is on them.


And yet here you are.