Washing my hands of Trump


Seriously man- start a Hillary thread. Unlike you with Trump I can critique Hillary for many many many things. Start a thread and I’ll happily add to it.


See… defending her, carrying her corrupt water. Anything to keep her name clean. Good on ya. You are loyal to her.

BTW… the thread subject is “washing my hands”. "Trump is but an object of a preposition. The thread is about stopping support. You dont want to stop supporting her do you?


They could save themselves from some of it but the party at its core is rotten. This isnt a fever dream, its a dead husk desperately clinging to whatever power they can hold onto it may just be better to form a completely new party.


You didn’t even read the post did you. I would happily critique Hillary and could name ten things I hate about her. Can you do that about Trump. Here on this thread. I will trade my critique of Hillary for your critique of Trump. Are you willing?


Yeah crickets. Just what I thought. Blind fealty…


I have no complaints about Trump’s actions in his official role as president.


Ha ha ha…yes we know. This is what we mean when we say cult. Like I said I will happily offer numerous criticisms of Clinton as both a person and a politician in exchange for your criticisms of Trump. Somehow it seems like that makes you uncomfortable.


Of course you do.


“No, I never wanted to be President. No. Never. People asked me to run, many many people asked me to run. They were good people. So I ran. They were happy. Very very happy. But no, I never wanted to run.”

Donald Trump 2025
From the archives of Paul Muad’dib


Trump did not send taxpayer money to Trump university like Clinton used her secretary of state position to sent money to Laureate university only to see 18 million of that end up in Bill’s pocket. Did Trump commit graft to that level?


Its almost as if it would hurt your soul to critique your own president and express the problems you have with him as a leader. Here I’ll even go first with Hillary. Then you go after with Trump if you have the guts…

1- Hillary projects almost zero warmth and appears forced and mechanical. A truly poor candidate for an elected position.


Yeah, totally above board. That’s why everyone involved were totally honest about it.


So you wont wash your hands of her criminal behavior. Lol.

That’s like me “criticizing” trump like this: Trump likes his women too skinny.


I’ll happily get into her scandals as well. But first you have to offer a criticism of Trump. Two way street.


I edited my post. There it is.

His preference for skinny women is misguided.


I wish President Trump spent more time with the media and answered all their questions.

He should think about a vacation or at least visiting Camp David. Might be nice to invite 43 to Camp David for a weekend. It was his favorite retreat.


You literally can’t do it can you? Ha ha ha…


Was thinking the same about the Hillary cult.


2- Hillary comes across as arrogant, imperious and seriously out of touch with the “common man”.


Constantly wondering where President Trump is and when he will talk again is nerve wracking.