Washing my hands of Trump


Still waiting…


3- She enabled Bill and his philandering. Bill will never hold a position of power in the Democrat party in the era of #MeToo. She is tainted by her support and defense of him.


Strangely for someone in the “cult of Hillary” I have no problem with critiquing her. Notice how y’all can’t really mount anything similar. This is what we mean by cult folks.


In time this thread will only continue to get more epic…


Ha ha…conservatives fleeing this thread when their game is called. No we don’t worship Hillary and most all of us can easily critique her up and down. Sadly conservatives seem to have been infected by a disease that does not allow them to truly discuss and describe the many enormous character flaws and severe behavioral issues of our current president. Its sort of funny but mainly its sad…


And there’s more TDS.

The lawsuit settlement was stated as an example of a criminal conviction. Clearly that’s not true. Correcting that falsehood is seen by you as “defense of Trump running a fraudulent enterprise”.

It’s a pathology, I tell you.


I missed the part where someone said criminal conviction and should have said civil conviction for fraud. But you are simply deflecting from the sad truth that you are unable to critique your president…



I’m your huckleberry.


10 things I hate about Trump

  1. The sound of his voice. That NYC accent.
  2. His gauche taste. That picture!
  3. The golf.
  4. The lies.
  5. The way he constantly tries to prove he’s a stud with women.
  6. The way he treats his wife.
  7. His rude behavior.
  8. His ignorance.
  9. That toupee.
  10. The tweeting.


These are “stylistic” differences.

Haven’t you heard?


It will be neither of those reasons. He thinks he’s the healthiest specimen ever and nobody would believe he wants to spent more time with his family.


You’re bragging that Trump couldnt win a case in court for running a fraudulent university and had to settle :rofl: only the best.


I would love if Pence would replace Trump for 2020. I see no movement or possibility of that happening.

As to my apologizing for Trump…maybe…where I think accusations have been unfair which is almost constantly in this forum.
I am sure you can generally guess who is going to be in a thread defending Trump against accusations. Lets not forget, I can generally guess who is going to be piling on no matter what accusations are made.


Are you stupid? I truly expect you are not. But damn, you seem to be trying to void my expectations.

Hint: The more you TDS libs demand something like this, the less likely I (just speaking for myself) have any interest in complying.

Damned straight any of us could provide the requested info. The way most of you libs act around here, I certainly have no interest in accommodating your demands.

Of course, you’ll just huff off and say, “I knew you couldn’t…” In fact, you know it’s because I WON’T.


Repeating this just makes it a lie. You’ve been corrected.


More TDS.

Bragging? You libs claim something abjectly false, and correcting you becomes BRAGGING?

It’s a pathology, I tell you.


Trump had a fraudulent university and settled for $25million. Hes a crook.


Asking if you have criticisms of Donald Trump is now trolling? LOL!


He didn’t ask “if”,

Please try to keep up.