Washing my hands of Trump


Trump isn’t even a good human. I knew some evangelicals would love him but even I’ve been surprised a bit by their dedication (like when he sent his kid to negotiate with his mistress).


You have a pathology about Trump. I’m serious. I despise the Clintons and don’t care for Obama, but you’re beyond the pale with Trump. I suggest you forget it awhile before it makes you sick.


Trump is pathological.


Do you have any criticisms of Donald Trump?


Yeah, I know it kills you to hear about what Trump does/has done. That’s a you thing.

It is funny that you’re posting that now in your own thread about Trump though.


Already been answered.

Please try to keep up.


Do you have a link?


Why is that funny? I still feel the way I did when I started this thread.
That has nothing to do with your obsession. I think it’s made you sick. There has to be more to life than sitting at the computer all day railing against Trump.


That’s a dishonest assumption… people can criticize Trump and not sit at their computer all day. I do it from my phone mostly.


I have answered that question in this thread.

Please try to keep up.


The fact that you’re trying to deflect away from all the Trump stuff to other stuff in this thread is what’s funny.

But, look, we get it. It’s been an exhausting last year and a half and it’s not looking better going forward. Best to keep lashing out. Not like Trump and team are gonna become professional tomorrow.


It hasn’t been exhausting for me.
I’m sure it’s been exhausting for you and it seems to be getting worse. Do you ever sleep? Do you eat? Is Trump all you think about? I have plenty on my mind other than this forum and Trump.


Yeah, it’s the non-Trump supporters that are stressing. I think it’s due to Trump’s professionalism and ability to get things done.


Its exactly what trumpists asked for, full on antagonism against those opposed to Trump to get them riled up. I wish trumpists had the balls to admit this is exactly what they wanted.


Do you relish in the anguish of people of a different political stripe?


I only use relish on my hot dogs. In most places stripes have been replaced with with orange jump suits.


Thought so. You dont disappoint.


The TDS owns you.


Yes i am so glad to know that you are glad the libs are triggered bcuz politics should be like a kindergarten playground.