Washing my hands of Trump


I voted for Trump and I think he’s done some good things, but the man simply can’t keep his mouth shut.
He got himself in legal trouble again this morning, with his telephone rant about Cohen.
It’s all his as far as I’m concerned. His troubles are of his own making, based mostly on his mouth.
I advise the libs to try to be accurate about him. Baloney like “Trump committed Treason”, won’t help you. You don’t need that kind of thing and it only helps him. There’s something legitimate you can complain about almost every day. Wait and pick your shots. It won’t be hard to do.


Does this mean you will vote against him (actually vote FOR a democrat) in 2020?


I see no reason to wash my hands.

I can support stuff he does that I like, and I can decry stuff he does that I hate. I’ve never seen fit to defend indefensible actions/statements/skeletons/etc., but that doesn’t stop me from supporting positive things, nor does it stop me from speaking against unhinged allegations. (You’re right, Bill. There is plenty they can attack without having to fabricate offense.)


I can’t imagine a Democrat I could vote for. If Trump makes a radical change in himself- maybe him.
Otherwise a Libertarian or I’ll sit it out.


The F&F interview was interesting in that even the hosts seemed to be a bit fed up with him.

I think patience for “The Trump Show” is starting to wear thin.


Here’s the thing. Opponents of trump HAVE been calling him out on very specific things. trump supporters, in turn, just shout “fake news!!” and ignore it and put their heads back in the sand and then lazily claim that all the left is doing is running screaming “TREASON” with nothing to back it up.


Crookedest administration in U.S. history.


That’s kind of a silly question to ask a partisan. A terrible representative does not make a partisan switch ideologies, it just makes them not want to vote for that specific representative. It doesn’t negate the reason they are partisan by any means.


How do you know?
You need to wade through Grant, Harding and Nixon before you can make a comparison.
I think that’s some more of your hyperbole getting in your way. Weren’t you yesterday’s treason man? Trump doesn’t have to run the crookedest administration in history to make him unacceptable


Think about the tribalism involved here and the damage it does. People who cannot even consider voting for the other side means their side never gets held accountable.


I hope you keep your word.


seriously - thank you for seeing the light. This is what it will take for the GOP to stop propping up this idiot - his base needs to desert him.


They left over a year ago.



Reminds me of South Pacific.



Legal trouble?


Trump admitted this morning that Cohen had handled the Stormy Daniels mess for him. He had previously denied it ever happened.


How many Obama national security advisors are convicted felons?



Are you saying that Trump’s is?
Maybe- wasn’t aware of that. Which one and the felony he was convicted of?


Trump mouth is his greatest enemy. More so then libs.


Pretty sure he was referring to Flynn