Washing my hands of Trump


I should note that there is a good shot at taking him out in the 2020 primaries, just as LBJ was taken out in 1968.

First things first.

I, myself, did not vote for Trump either in the primary or general election, so my hands are already squeaky clean. :slight_smile:


Trump is a sleezy character and is loose with the truth. I agree there is no need to pretend otherwise the way Democrats did with Bill Clinton.
But then we have millions of potential illegals ready to call themselves refugees because of their failed countries and I want someone like Trump handling that situation, not someone like Warren.
What Trump did or didn’t do with Stormy, and whether he lied about it, may be the bigger issue with you. It doesn’t affect my family.
I will stick with Trump unless someone with similar positions on issues primaries him or unless he is actually found and proven to have committed a felony. I am not Trumps moral nanny.


Trump’s been doing this sort of thing since back when he was campaigning. So is it this particular example that’s bad, or is it simply the accumulated weight of all of them through the years that’s made you change your mind?

I am not being snarky. It’s a serious and sincere question. Not looking to argue or anything.


In my opinion that is the best thing Republicans can do to save themselves of being saddled with this terrible legacy for decades. Johnson did quit…he really wasn’t primaried, however.


Do you really think Warren would let them all in? Do you have any evidence that she would? If you do I will eat crow.


Does Donald’s inability to keep his mouth shut shock you? I’m asking without snark, because I’m genuinely curious given that he has never pretended to be anything other than what he showed in that interview. Did you expect the gravity of the office to temper his outbursts?


I predicted that this clown would quit after the '18 primaries. Once he finds out Mueller has copies of his tax returns, it’s all over.


A man who cares for his wife should care about the leader of the country repeatedly making it clear he values women only as objects of sexual gratification. A man who cares for hidskids should care about his daughter not growing up in a society in which that sort of behavior is normalized and his son not growing up thinking that forcing yourself on any woman you want is fine as long as you are in a position of power.

This does affect you and your family. It speaks to who we all are and what we value as people.


I don’t look for tax return problems. Trump has been a wealthy man in the public eye for almost 30 years. He’s certainly been on the IRS radar. I think they would have gotten him years ago if he was into tax fraud. I may be wrong.


Do you know what he cares about more than anything else? His supposed net worth. He is very concerned that everyone will find out how much he’s actually worth…very concerned.


He quit after a terrible primary performance that convinced him it was over.


Yep. And man alive was it ever terrible too.


I don’t know who the nominee is, so lets look at the last one. Hillary…pro sanctuary cities, pro increasing number of refugees, thought Obama was too strict on enforcing immigration laws. I think a generic Democrat is much more likely to be open to this than Trump.


Would you largely define yourself as a single-issue voter Doug? Honest question, because I know how important the issue of immigration is to you. I believe we have had discussions in the past about my stance on this issue as well, and you know I am no slouch when it comes to enforcement of our border and our laws.


You see the President as a moral leader. Yes, to some extent for some people. I do not expect my children to get their values from a President any more than from some Sports figure. As I said, I would love to have someone with the policies of Trump but with high personal moral standards primary him. I am not going to vote against my issues any more than Democrats did when they re elected Bill Clinton.
Would a California Liberal Democrat vote for a Texas Republican if they thought the Texas Republican had higher personal moral standards? Be honest about that.


He lost to McCarthy in the 1968 Primary in New Hampshire.

The handwriting was on the wall

and he quit.



you see, such accusations are where you people are viewed as unhinged and the worst of two evils. Clinton as Obama’s secretary of state was as crooked as they come.


Actually, Johnson won the primary, but barely reached 50%. As an incumbent President, that was an atrocious performance and Johnson knew it was over.


No he didn’t.
Johnson 49%
McCarthy 42%


Bobby Kennedy was probably on the way to winning it when he got assassinated.