Washing my hands of Trump


Yes that was super stupid of him, but the thing about Trump is you can pretty much assume when he says one thing he is going to say the opposite a short while later. Remember the whole take the guns first then due process?


I have no doubt that Sarah Sanders will be out there soon to tell us all that what he said isn’t what we heard. And to change our tone.


I’m sure she will. That’s her job. I wouldn’t take the job on a bet. Dirty money.


It’s probably not such a bad gig once you get past the abandoning all your principles part.


Actually it does. If he lied about things and won the white house then his policies affect you. You are a classic case of structure over principles.

But then trump also outed you for what you are as well


She’s a national treasure, that one.


Tax fraud isn’t the problem. It’s all those other lies he tells about his finances. I suspect he is way less wealthy than he wants you to believe.


How was LBJ taken out? He chose not run in 1968.


Best advice I’ve seen. Dems are already going overboard. That doesn’t help them at all.


Meh. I watched the right wingers for 8 years.


That’s probably not something anyone should want to emulate.


i’m sure most of you saw the movie Lincoln. do you remember when Lincoln and Thaddeus Stevens were arguing? probably just a Hollywood thing but i thought it made a good point.

sometimes i feel current democrats are like Thaddeus Stevens. they want all the freedoms and they want them NOW!!! that’s cool but you can get so hard headed that you piss off a ton of people and they kick you out of office and you achieve nothing (as Abe told Stevens would have happened if he’d listened to Stevens).

the OP is right about how to battle Trump. you have to plan your trip to avoid the pitfalls and you can’t piss off people so that they reject you.


No, I’m a classic case of issues and country over personal sniping. You, on the other hand…


Not single issue. I would not support a socialist who also wanted strong immigration enforcement. But yes to the extent if the person wanted open borders and wanted everything else I believed in, I would not vote for them.


Fair enough. So outside of an extreme outlier then, this is likely the most important issue for you? Is that a fair assessment?

Do you live in a border state, or is there some reason that drives this issue being such an important one for you?


I would reverse that and ask why who is allowed in the country isn’t an important question to everyone. Certainly here in Dallas, where something like 25% are foreign born, one may be more inclined to notice the effect on traffic, schools etc.
And I was born here in …several years ago. Big, big difference.


Yes that’s called structure doug… thanks for agreeing with me


Rather a shame that more people weren’t concerned about how dirty their hands were before November 2016.


Listened to the entire rant. What a baby!


Then you’ll do nothing but help to put a Democrat in office, don’t fool yourself this country only has two viable Political Parties, hopefully that will change in the future but not by the 2020 election.

Trump is not going to change, he is a fighter and a counter puncher and I don’t blame him for going off on those that are literally ruining the lives of people he knows, its got to be exasperating when he knows its only because they are his friends and supporters that they are being attacked.

There is not much Trump can do to go to the low level of the Democrat Socialist Party. The way the Mueller investigation has been handled and the way Hillary’s investigation was handled should give any thoughtful citizen of this country pause of being too critical of Trump because whatever he says that makes you cringe is just not as bad as the tyranny of leftist progressive Socialist Dems!!