Washing my hands of Trump


Lying about how much he is worth wouldn’t mean “It’s all over” for him if Mueller finds out.


I like the way you worded that. Us…seasoned folks…have seen quite a bit over the decades.

And I personally agree with you. I also believe who we allow in is of massive importance. For a myriad of reasons.

But I always find it interesting when someone has an issue that is vastly more important to them than all others. Whether it be immigration/border security, or Roe v. Wade, or National debt and deficit, etc. That was the only reason for my questions.

I appreciate the insight my friend. And I’m glad to see you make the move to the new forum. :+1:


Hi neighbor- I’m in Tarrant County.


Just curious if what Clinton did in office that got him impeached affected your family?


For some reason, this reminds of this Erick Erickson tweet, which I started a thread about on the old board:


Nope. Not in the least. (there, 10 letters)


You made it!


If enough of you sit it out, the DEM candidate wins. Is that what you want? :thinking:


When is the last time Trump made a radical change in himself?


My feeling is
People knew the type of person Trump was before they elected him.
Yes his mouth loves to Lie about almost everything I don’t think he can help it at his age anymore. My question is if he is Always lying when do you know he is telling the truth how do you determine it? Besides the obvious ones like crowd sizes and all but when it comes to a he said/she said situation and he flips it again which statement is the lie?

I agree the Dems seem to be stuck on things that are fabricated issues like Treason and such or that he and his wife don’t hold hands. Get him on the real stuff he says if you want.
As Doug said in the thread. I didn’t vote for Trump to be some MORAL person for my kids to look up too. Heck Hillary isn’t someone I think they should have looked up to either. Better role models than these 2 politicians.
Wife and I were listing to Trump speech and she goes OMG he is awful. I said yea He can not deliver speeches at all he is a terrible communicator. I said Bill Clinton and Obama were brilliant at it. They knew how to speak to people in giving speeches.

I wasn’t expecting Trump to be some role model of a president. I hoped he could change but wasn’t holding my breath for it.

Hopefully someone better will be around next election. Hopefully Trump will decide 1 term is enough for him.

I wonder sometimes if Trump lies so much on purpose to make people question things and not know when he is being honest about things. Kinda Trolling the Media. Yes I know not presidential but I already said he isn’t Presidential and never will be.


He is the orginal troll going back way more than a decade.


If Trump walked out on stage and ripped his mask off and it was Andy Kaufman would any of you be surprised?


Did you support Clinton’s impeachment Doug?


Now that you bring it up, Trump does share some qualities with Tony Clifton: CLIFTON%202


hmmm, then maybe he shouldn’t have run for PRESIDENT. Presidential is an adjective, it means what it does because it was defined all the way back to George Washington. As much as trumpers whine about others not being patriotic enough, this ■■■■■■■ has ascended to the highest office in the land and proceeded to ■■■■ all over the precious institution they claimed to hold so dear. And they cheer him for it.

I’m sorry but there’s just way too much inconsistency in those positions for me to buy that they were ever sincerely patriotic in the first place.


Democratic Party.



Don’t understand who you are talking about in the bold.


Politics ain’t a sport. I don’t have a “home” team. If a qualified “DEM” becomes President. So be it. America will survive. Best for Country over Best for Party , i say.


I believe so, based on perjury. No doubt my decision was affected by politics. Let me ask you: Should Clinton have been impeached for lying under oath? Should Flynn have been indicted for lying under oath? If Trump is found to lie under oath, should he be impeached?


And the chances of someone being nominated for President under the Democratic party whom I would consider minimally acceptable are close to zero.
Like I said, I would love to have someone with the positions of Trump but a real class act and morally outstanding in his personal life. As it stands, the positions of Trump take precedence of some great moral example who holds positions I believe will be damaging to the country.