Washing my hands of Trump


Clinton should not have been impeached.
It was obvious there were not enough votes in the Senate to convict him.
The impeachment and acquittal made him appear to be a martyr. It helped him rather than hurt him.
Had the GOP not have impeached him, I believe he might have been tried and convicted after he left office.
As it was he was given sweetheart deals.


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You may be correct.


Saul’s already here. :grinning:
Saul’s a good guy. I talked to him a lot as the old forum was closing.


That’s how Trump got my vote in 2016.


For the 30th time, Michael Flynn was not nailed on a process crime or for misrembering what he ate at some point.

He cut a plea deal. He admitted guilt to a light charge in exchange for not being nailed to wall on other charges that would have effectively ended his life in prison, and in exchange for that Flynn has to cop to everything he knows and if Mueller catches him not throwing straight dice, boom, he’ll get charged with FARA charges, tax evasion, everything.

If you’ll notice, for a week or so though not long ago Flynn was getting pretty emboldened, attending Republican fund raisers and talking a lot of ■■■■. Evidently Mueller reminded him he had him by the short and curlies for the rest of his life because he got quiet REAL quick.


You know, I was wondering what the hell happened to Flynn, he was getting pretty vociferous there for a while. Lol!


Unless you were in on the plea deal, you don’t know what it was about. Most often they are negotiated because the prosecutor isn’t sure he can win a case and the defendant isn’t sure he will not get convicted with the maximum sentence. There may have been potential other charges. You don’t know. I don’t know.


That’s it right there…our 24/7 for profit new media has turned the POTUS into a figure akin to a basketball player.

that is exactly the problem with american politics right now. It’s a team sport played for profit on entertainment/news channels.


Yep- I would be expecting Danny Devito :slight_smile:


Oh please, you act like partisanship and division is something new in American politics, it’s not, not remotely, it existed long before cable news, newspapers used to be every bit as bad as cable news when it came to partisanship. I can only assume the period you are comparing to to is the relatively brief period of government censorship, ie the fairness doctrine, when liberals held a strangle hold on public discourse.


Can you tell me when in history we elected a reality TV start to lead the nation?


Is that all he was before becoming President? He was not the first non-politician or business man elected President in our history.


Oh, he’s all that and more. So sure, he’s a business man, and a non-pollitican, and a reality TV star and uninformed, uninterested, misogynist, welsher, cheater, petty, liar…and more still.

So look, if you think the current political climate that brought us Donald trump is good for the country, then that’s up to you. But in the old forum you used to pretend to not like Trump - even though of course you supported him in every thread. If you are dropping the charade here int eh new forum, more power to you. But personally, I think we have a ■■■■■■ president and the current climate made that happen.

And that’s just a fact - the current climate always delivers the POTUS to the white. Wether that is Obama in reaction to 8 years of bush, or bush over gore because clinton was a scum bag…the climate always delivers the candidate.


What kind of climate would have delivered Hillary?


I think if it was Hillary v. any other R candidate in 2016, HRC wins. Do you?

And I think HRC v. Trump in any other election year so far, HRC wins.

2016 was a perfect storm IMO.

That is not to say HRC is a great candidate BTW.


You may be right, but I honestly don’t know.
Hillary seems to have the knack of pulling defeat from the jaws of victory.
2008 as well as 2016.


I had him blocked out myself. Is there any way to block out folks on this new setup?


Don’t think so.


Then in that respect the new forum is not as good as the old. I had 3 of the more extreme blocked on the old.