Washing my hands of Trump


what is so terrible about the legacy so far?


It’s terrible for democrat chances i suppose. LOL Conservative pick to the SC and a booming economy.


Yea, Bill Clinton was all that.


Great. It’s been 22 years since he last ran for office. A whole generation of Democrats, including myself, have never cast a vote for Bill Clinton.


Did you vote for Hillary in the last election?


Yeah, it doesn’t look like Trump or team did anything wrong.


TDS much?

You had to go back to April to find something to pick a fight about? In fact, you’re demonstrating precisely what I said in the quoted reply: “There is plenty they can attack without having to fabricate offense.”

Are you so blind with TDS that you think my post said that Trump and team did nothing wrong?

Sheesh. It’s pathological with you people… :roll_eyes:


Trumpists do wish their hypocracy could be buried along with trumps crimes.


Will you be voting for Kamela, Beto or Liz?


I’m hoping that posts on this board last forever (unlike the old board where people got constant mulligans).


Can you list the convictions ? Can you back up your assertion with facts? Armies of leftist lawyers have been gunning for him. So what’s the verdict?


Why would you hope that? Everyone seems to be pretty honest about how they voted and why.

Maybe this common feeling from leftists here is projection. Look how they run from association with Hillary. LoL :joy:


As someone who has never been fan of either I have a lot more respect for those who no longer support a flawed politician than those who will defend their flawed politician to the bitter end


I respect loyalty.


Ewwww. Dictators throughout time :heart: this sentence.


By supporting someone incapable of loyalty themselves. Brilliant!




How strange. Especially for a guy who expects it to be a one way street to him.


There would be a lot of embarrassed souls if we still had the old board


Yes. One Trump crime he was convicted with was running a fraudulent university. That was easy. Although it’s ironic that the #lockherup crowd needs a verdict.