Washing my hands of Trump


Just scroll on by people you do not want to engage with.
I do it all the time.


To Easy

10 Cards


But I cant stop seeing. I cant take it back


After two years of dealing with divided government, being investigated, impeached, and fighting with a Democrat controlled House I’m not so sure he will want to run again.


I think he regrets winning


I don’t know if he regrets winning but he is not a career politician. For someone like Hillary this is an obsession, this is what they live for. He may decide that for “health” or “family” related issues he won’t seek reelection.


You know there is more than just the two extremes you mentioned. Right?

That’s the problem with you TDS-ers. Gotta box others into strawman corners. Derangement does that to people.


So do decent men.


Theres quite a difference between loyalty and blind fealty.


No longer supporting a dishonest, corrupt politician is considered an extreme position?


Convicted? Crime? IIRC, he settled a lawsuit. Maybe I missed something about that.


Sure- if y’all actually showed outward strong criticisms of the president’s behavior along with supporting certain policy positions then we’d believe you. But y’all are often worse than Baghdad Bob, willfully defending the indefensible.


I said I respected loyalty… especially when the going gets rough.
The blind fealty that leftists have for the narrative writers of their ideology is indeed disturbing.


I thought we are talking about politicians


Please point to the criminal charge and verdict.


Hey, mafia underlings are loyal.


So are cult members


Wait are you waiting for a criminal charge and a verdict before critiquing the behavior of Clinton, Comey, Obama, Holder and others? I seem to remember differently…


I’ve read here from Tommy that criminals are not loyal… they will rat out anyone to save their own neck. What you might be confusing this with is fear. If an underling fears his boss more than the authorities, he will keep his mouth shut… like Susan McDougal did. Maybe the left calls that loyalty. LOL. :grin:


You read the replies in this thread.

When you find someone supporting dishonesty and corruption, report back.

One can still support initiatives and policies without supporting the entirety of this administration.

Likewise one can disagree with a TDS-filtered opinion or accusation. For guys like you, failure to agree with your spin means agreeing with dishonesty and corruption.

That’s a problem with those of you who share that pathology. Unless someone else shares your hatred and derangement, he is defending the man’s dishonesty and corruption. No middle ground. No common sense. No temperance. Just hatred – all or nothing.