Washing my hands of Trump


Just looking for substantiation of this claim of criminal conviction.


You just see what you want to see.

No, I do not believe that you would believe me, because I HAVE shown criticism, yet you fail to see it.

Nope. Unless I match your deranged hatred of the man, it’ll never be enough for you.


Being loyal to a politician in the face of obvious corruption is supporting that corruption


Oh pray tell what alternatives you speak of. Don’t leave us abandoned


Huge amounts of what some Dem posters consider to be indefensible simply is very defensible. Example, the several threads on Trump’s continuing to have a few of his people continue discussions regarding building a tower in Moscow. A thoroughly legal activity while he was just running for President, and actually a private matter. Yes, you could argue he should have revealed his contacts while running, I agreed to that. But many were acting as if this were the long sought after collusion.
Stuff like that just needs defending. One can legitimately do that even if they wouldn’t vote for Trump again. Just as even some obvious Trump haters seemed to recognize that the “looking forward to seeing the Bushes” thread was lame.
Some of us are actually waiting for the Mueller report.


Great- show me- point me to some of your criticisms or state some. Because we almost never see any critique- in fact just the opposite. Any critique is called TDS. So please- if you really believe in nuance and a balanced approach- tell me what you find challenging or abhorrent.




Yeah, the middle ground I can think of is saying you don’t support a corrupt politician while still supporting a corrupt politician


Read the thread. It’s in there.

Asking again is just trolling.


Apron tugging.

Troll someone else.


That’s not a criminal conviction.


Theres often quite a difference between what is legal and what is ethical. Many of you will run to the point “We’ll wait for the actual conviction on a crime before saying tut tut.”

But that issue is a no brainer- Trump and his team all lied vociferously that there were any business contacts with the Russians in 2016. Like many many many times. Do you not at least find the endless lying unethical?


I knew it. You literally can’t. And thats the point.


I have many times posted that I consider Trump to be a chronic liar and that if someone who came along with his policies but without his flaws in 2020 I would drop Trump in a minute. I just consider policies like sanctuary cities to be more important than his mouth.
Nope…they will still say I never criticized him.


More defense of Trump running a fraudulent enterprise that bilked students out of tuition for a false product. And he was forced to settle because of the fraud.


Was there ever any doubt?


Pointing out that this was a civil and not a criminal matter actually just inserts reality. It is not a blind defense of anything as far as I can see.


Well now if you just interested in facts and not convictions… by your standards, you support this.


Dude you are one of the main apologists defending the dude again and again and again. I honor that you can agree with his policy positions over certain issues- abortion, guns, border. That’s all fine- but it becomes a defense of the man himself. Why? As you say he is a chronic liar- who is neck deep in corruption and scandal.

And seriously there is someone there to replace him (Pence) who would support your policy positions 100 percent. Why continue to defend an obviously crooked liar?


Sure- but you do see the same pattern exists with him defrauding people and him lying to you and the American people again and again?