Washing my hands of Trump


Well it was a kindergarten playground where they found man-baby Fat TrumpyBear…


some of you guys are going the TDS route too often. if you used it a little less it might have more meaning. as it is, it just looks like an attempt to deflect away from Trump’s issues.


Please try to keep up.


“TDS” and “Unhinged” are so 2017. You need new buzzwords to parrot.


Wait. Is he really wearing a toupee? I thought it was a comb-over.


More BBS (Baghdad Bob syndrome).

Symptoms include…

1- inability to criticize their leader
2- willfully ignoring reality (lies, fraud, crime)
3- labeling everything that doesn’t support the leader as lies, fake news, Trump derangement syndrome.

Guvnah you got BBS bad…


Or from their own. TDS works both ways - some people are so heavily invested in their support of him they can’t see what a ■■■■ show the man and his regime truly are. It has to be the Deep State, or the lib mob, or socialists, or feminists, or immigrants. Anything or anyone to explain how awful Donald is, except of course the obvious answer.

Donald is deplorable.


Likewise. Ugly as sin hairdo, but I assume it’s natural.


Personally, I’d rather be blind with TDS than to be blind to the huge amounts of insanity and blatant disrespect coming out of Trumps Mouth hole.


Along with his ignorance…his arrogance!


That’s all you got?


I love trump


Who wouldn’t.
I mean, really.


Conveniently, they also called for the investigation that started this whole mess. Right before they left office.


It has to be a toupee.


Good point.


Keep the Trump Train chuggin Mr. President and get that wall built.


Who is your president?


Trump is the President of the United States.


Just as long as you understand that